Thursday, August 8, 2013

My forever baby

He stands at the fridge...door wide open, peering up onto one of the shelves, "Mommy. Snack. Jack wants snack. I hungry." He then steps onto the bottom shelf, stands as tall as he can on his tippiest tip toes, swipes an orange jello, hops down and slams the door to the fridge. He prances over to the drawer, grabs a spoon, rips the foil lid off of the jello, uses his foot to open the flap door to the garbage can, throws away the lid and plops down at the kitchen table. He picked out his own clothing and dressed himself in head-to-toe blue. At least he matches!!

The boy does not need me anymore.

 photo 2_zps36df54b4.png

He also sings. All. Of. The. Time. It melts mt heart into a puddle on the floor. This boy, he sure is something else!

And this? He loves to pee on command! He is almost ready to be completely potty trained. He is showing all of the signs and wants to be just like his big brothers.
 photo 4_zpsfdc88c2b.png

So, we are going with the flow for now, and when we feel the time is right, we will put him through the same weekend, potty training bootcamp that we did for Brody and Wade...Remember??
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