Friday, April 11, 2014

I am so type A, that because I have fallen so far behind on my blog and I cannot ever get caught up, I kept telling myself that I could not write a new post until I went back and filled in the missing gaps.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So, yes, I will be skipping the Christmas season, basketball, the start of baseball, moving back into our Shalimar home, potty training sweet J-Bird and a whole lot of life.

But, I am starting fresh....with a new blog. If you would like to continue reading about our little life, please bookmark our new blog site: The Harrell Boys Part 2

Friday, December 20, 2013

Now or Never...EXTREMELY long post

I was on the phone last night, explaining my day to my Mother in Law, and we were both dying towards the end of the conversation, as my days are typically filled with lots of Murphy's Law related situations. Pretty much from sun up to sun down. And during sleeping hours, as well. Did I mention I am always tired?

I will try my absolute hardest to make a better effort at blogging again...but the truth is, I am not sure how. There is just no time left at the end of the day...maybe once the holidays are over and we are back to some normalcy...whatever that might be...

So, to get caught up...From Turkey Day until now.

Without further ado:

Headed East to Macclenny for our annual Thanksgiving break spent at Grandmother's house! We always have the absolute best time...We started off the break with a delicious crab and shrimp boil that Pop's and Donna brought over from PCB and Uncle Frank cooked. There must have been at least 20 people there from the Taylor side of the family! It would not Thanksgiving if we didn't spend time preparing some of the food ahead of time...The boys really enjoyed helping me make the banana pudding and helping Aunt Marilyn make pancakes!
 photo 5_zps5a2ab9c1.png

 photo 6_zps4d3f0770.png

Andy and Marilyn's grandchildren live across the country, and they miss them terribly, so they really enjoy spoiling our kiddos with tons of love, cuddles, arts and crafts, games, and of course, disc guns! The entire family had a blast with these...
 photo 13_zps5a69b42e.png

 photo 14_zpse8d66d03.png

Well, then we tried to capture cute family photos. As you can see, this did not go very well!
 photo 9_zps3fcfcbb0.png

We did manage to capture a few decent ones along the way...
 photo 7_zps42830edc.png

 photo 8_zpsb4d9d979.png

The of course, there was the meal! And what a feast it was! Just a little tip from the kitchen of Uncle Andy...when baking a ham, spread orange marmalade on it...get out of town. We all swore it was the very best ham we have ever eaten!
 photo 11_zpscaac8176.png

Must run off the food after eating...what better than a good game of football with Pop's and Dad...
 photo 10_zps6eff57b3.png

 photo 12_zps7b7597c9.png

The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and the company was even was a perfect day!

Friday afternoon, we loaded up the kiddos and headed to St. Augustine to explore and to see the Night of Lights. The literally light up the entire city...all of the shops and houses and cobblestone walkways...the boats and bridges and buildings. It was quite spectacular! Before the day gave way and the sun went down, we headed out to the Fort Mantanzas and took a long walk all over the nature trails. We opted out of the boat tour to the actual Fort, because it was pretty chilly...the boys loved being able to run freely! The trees were breathtaking and the whole place was serene. You could definitely hear the Harrell clan moving about...
 photo 16_zps3bcf8845.png

 photo 19_zps145c4673.png

 photo 17_zps5780cc25.png

 photo 18_zps287500ae.png

 photo 20_zps1e312b00.png

And, the beautiful sunset while crossing over the drawbridge and a glimpse into the city all lit up!
 photo 21_zps405b519b.png

We also made gingerbread houses with Pop's, Donna and Grandmother! Wade used every single peppermint and had them lined up, just so. Brody had every single type of candy, plastered all over the house and Jack ate most of his! I even think Louie got in on the action!!
 photo 15_zpsd0a6352d.png

Thank you all for another wonderful Thanksgiving...
 photo 22_zps46043ab4.png

When we arrived back home, Pete the Elf was back from The North Pole! He has been up to some crazy shenanigans since he arrived...
 photo 3_zpsed8cb9b7.png

 photo 4_zpsba11e12a.png

And so has this little crazy dude...he is in full terrible twos mode...defiant and testing and over the top. But man, is he edible. I could kiss him all day long!
 photo 1_zpsdb01ce48.png

Oh, and then there was a trip to the ER for a pulled groin muscle, a playground vs. teeth/gums accident and a self inflicted powered screwdriver to the cheekbone incident...all in a weekend for the Harrell boys! I mean, seriously. I am not going to make it through their teenage years.
 photo 2_zpseafb572e.png

And, we started basketball! Game One...
 photo 25_zpse8c59ee6.jpg

 photo 26_zps09cff9d4.png

First game was a success!! Go Sharks!
 photo 25_zpsc53ec1df.png

We put up a 12 foot Christmas tree...I am in love and our house smells so delicious!
 photo 23_zps7f557df0.png

And we were finally able to display the beautiful tree skirt that my mom made for us! Isn't it all so beautiful?
 photo 24_zps434ab3cb.png

We sent out our annual Christmas card...
 photo ChristmasCard2013_zps3cde07f2.png

The weather dipped into the 20's (temporarily) and I was blessed to enjoy a girls day/overnight trip with some pretty special ladies...we shopped and ate and drank and laughed!!
 photo 32_zpsfb9f1545.png

We were disciplined at home for our poor decision making at school...Brody is posted in this particular picture, but Wade and Jack had a tough beginning to the week, as well. Maybe it is all of the Christmas excitement? Still, no excuse for not minding their teachers. Brody atually told on himself on the way home from school that day. He said, "I had to sit out today two times...". He explained what he did and we explained to him that we were proud of him for telling us the truth. It is tough being a parent at times! I will forever cherish these pics...
 photo 33_zps4644d4cd.png

We visited Santa and had jammie day at school!
 photo 31_zps8b4c5faf.png

And made red velvet cupcakes with applesauce instead of oil and used a silicone muffin pan where the holes are shaped like the cupcakes came out rounded on the top and the bottom and had the texture of a wet sponge. Yuck...
 photo 30_zps40261eb1.png

And last, but not least, we had our 2nd basketball game last night! Both boys played great defense and their team won, again! Go Sharks! I had my camera on the wrong setting, so the pics are horrible and blurry :(
 photo 28_zpsccdec10a.png

 photo 27_zps739c21a9.png

And, a certain someone threw his shoe out the window...and watched the game with one shoe on and one shoe off. I do not think one person even noticed! Come to find he had thrown it out in our own driveway before we left for the game, thank goodness. Little stinker.
 photo 29_zpsd4f9b4a3.png

So, there ya have it. The highlights from our past month. Keep the Christmas cards a coming and have a very Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sine Die Farm, Nov 15-17

Sine Die: A term used to signify the end of session. (The farm we had the pleasure of visiting is owned by lobbyists...) Thank you SO very much Smith family for having us and the Garber clan to the gorgeous farm. We had a blast and the kids are still talking about it!

How could you not fall in love with such a beautiful place?
 photo 14_zpsf2b91cd2.png

 photo 12_zpsc5b54228.png

Tractors and golf carts and deer stands and football, by day...
 photo 16_zpsa7e147a4.png

 photo 15_zps2feb9b1f.png

 photo 4_zps9c2b76e9.png

 photo 11_zpsb5236b3d.png

 photo 3_zps35db1ca0.png

 photo 5_zps11a8cfb8.png

 photo 2_zpsc927f3d4.png

 photo 1_zpsede45f80.png

 photo 13_zps26515d4b.png

Bon fires, smores and burning matresses, by night...
 photo 9_zpsc9af0c83.png

 photo 10_zpsce5508e3.png

You should have seen/heard all of the adults trying to make the kids smile and look our way, all at once...Oldest to Youngest: Cole, Brody, Wade, Jack, Bryce, Hayes and Andrew. Whew. Wears me out, just thinking about it!
 photo 6_zpsa9dff5da.png

 photo 7_zps807c9960.png

 photo 8_zps44f91e06.png