Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's official...Wade is MOBILE!!

***See video of Wade crawling at the bottom of the post***
Here are more pics from Elizabeth's camera from last weekend while they baby sat the boys!

Cole trying to decide which shovel is best........

Love the pool!

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

B-man hamming it up

Perfecting his "sexy man pose"


Here we are!

Wade: "Ummm. Duh" Brody: "Hi Pretty lady taking my pic, what's your name??"

Wade loving life!

And last but not is 1 year old Caden and his new haircut!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Times!

Bet you will never guess where we went this weekend....drumroll...Tallahassee! I feel like we are there every single weekend! Lots of places to go and people to see! Todd was in Omaha for the Home Instead International Conference, so I packed up the boys and we headed to Tally for Allie's 30th birthday and for Colleen's shower. While we were there, we stopped by the Davis home and played with our twin buddies, Thomas & Gracie, and their Mom Christie. We always have a blast when we are over there and cannot believe how big all 4 babies are!! We also made our regular visit over to the Garber's house. Elizabeth, Brian and Cole watched B-man and Wade while I hosted the baby shower...brave souls and truly our bestest buds!! Thank you guys! After the shower, we put all of the boys in the kiddie pool and played outside all afternoon...The Garber's yard is the absolute perfect place for children...and adults as well! :) All in all, we had a blast, spent tons of time with cousin Caden and Aunt Allie. Caden will be 1 years old on Wednesday, and we will be heading back over to Tallahassee for his big baseball birthday party on Saturday! (Stay tuned for pics)

As always, some of my favorite pics from the weekend:
Wade, Miss Gracie, Thomas and Brody

And to show you how much they have grown...4 crazy babies...imagine what Christie and I were doing in the background to get all 4 babies to look at us!!The Harrell Boys!

Ganty Lowie bought us the coolest pool toy thingy and I had it all packed up and ready to bring to Tally, and what do you know...I left it on the garage floor...right next to the car :( Soooo the ever resourceful Elizabeth went out and bought the kiddie pool. The boys had fun, of course, and Wade just splashed and splashed, making his brother scream, Caden gasp and Cole finally just got out. Who can blame him...splashing is the best part!

Cole, Brody, Wade and CadenWades face is HILARIOUS! He was so excited! Smilin' B

Wade is no longer a sitter. He is going. Everywhere. He scoots, crawls, spider man walks and inch worms across the floor. In between crawling maneuvers, he does his "sexy man pose". It is the cutest! The sweet innocence of babies..............

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday at the Harrell House

Last weekend, Pops and Grammie kept the boys the ENTIRE weekend and left me and Todd to play for a couple of days. They had such a good time, and decided to sleep for Grammie and Pops for 12 hour each night! I took pics of them opening their Easter baskets over there, but I took them on my friends camera, and I know I will NEVER see them know who you are...Labeth......

Todd is in Omaha for work this week, so it's just the 2 little guys and their Mommy. Nana came over tonight to help out and to visit. We played on the swings, showed Nana how we high pitch-scream at the top of our lungs for fun, how we feed ourselves finger foods, how we fight over toys, our new ducky bathtub and how we squiggle so much, that it takes our Mommy 10 minutes (per kid) to get the overnight diaper on and the jammies. Whew!
This is the look we get when the camera is first brought out...look how serious they are!!

Still a happy babe, even with tonsillitis!One of my favorite pics of all time Wade loving the new tub Just chillin' out, taking a bath.....I'm all propped up......Meanwhile, during Wade's bath, Brody rolled into the closet and found a yummy hanger to keep him occupied Then it was B-man's turn Meanwhile, during Brody's bath, Wade crawled/scooted the entire way into their room and decided to choose a little reading material...I just went through their drawers and closet and spring cleaned the clothes that they have outgrown... The grey Rubbermaid container is filled to the brim and I need to buy more containers for all of the rest of the clothes! (This is only 3-9 month stuff)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wade was showing signs of an ear infection or some kind of this morning when I touched his ear and he screamed, I decided to scoop him up and bring him into the Doctors office! He does not have an ear infection, but rather tonsillitis! He has not been eating very well since yesterday morning, and hasn't been his smiley little self...and this explains it! He should feel better on his own within 2-4 antibiotics required, as it is a virus! Just had to post 2 cutie pie pics:

He weighs 20 3/4 lbs! Big ol' boy!! Check out that belly...
I told the Nurse that he must have left his smiles in the car...but he managed to share one with her. (I think he just likes to be naked...)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My cute little men

Just a few pics and videos from this week so far.... (and a couple leftovers that didn't make the Easter post...)

Here we are this morning at the office, opening our Easter baskets that the Easter bunny left at Nana's house!

The Easter bunny brought us hats for the beach! Woohoo
Ha can't see me through this paper...Here we are with our Nanny, Miss Margaret!
Here we are eating little biscuit cookie things for the 1st time. They were real good and messy.
Easter with the Gates family
Wade giggiling ( get the whole annoying/silly Mommy voice that goes along with it))

And here is a cute video of the boys the other morning!

Monday, April 13, 2009

We are 8 months old today!

The boys are now officially 8 months old...that means 4 months until they turn 1(obviously..haha). Where does the time go? We are STILL enjoying every second, well almost, and Brody and Wade continue to amaze us. I think we have the world's most beautiful and talented and amazing babies, and I am not biased at all...promise! They are learning to sit up from a laying position, still rocking on their hands and knees (Wade mostly) and get pretty frustrated when they cannot reach a toy. Wade actually cried this morning when I left for work. He put his little arms up in the air and started to cry. It darn near killed me. B-man is finally sleeping through the night, again. They get up every morning around 6am and I am proud to say that we have them in a consistent routine. Routine makes the world a happy place, well at our house at least! But, I have learned that breaking the routine occasionally is perfectly fine too...gotta teach the youngin's to be able to adapt to ALL situations! Here are some pics from last week, this weekend at home and of their first Easter!
Nana and Gator took the boys to a local nature trail.

Todd, Rich and the boys! Welcome home Rich...we missed you!!Trying to get a good pic with the boys is pretty much impossible at this age!Daddy and Wade on the hammock...and Miller too!On Saturday, we brought the boys outside with us while we worked in the yard. Todd installed new swings too!

B-man enjoying the spring weather

They LOVE the new swings...Wade is really about to take off. He has figured out how to move his he just needs to figure out how to move him arms at the same time! He spends a lot of time like this, rocking back and forth. I will post a video of him doing it.Todd and I were dying laughing when we put these ears on the boys. They were so interested in their Easter baskets, that they didn't even realize we put them on their heads! It was hilarious...This pic cracks me up. I literally laugh out loud when I look at it. Too cute...