Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday at the Harrell House

Last weekend, Pops and Grammie kept the boys the ENTIRE weekend and left me and Todd to play for a couple of days. They had such a good time, and decided to sleep for Grammie and Pops for 12 hour each night! I took pics of them opening their Easter baskets over there, but I took them on my friends camera, and I know I will NEVER see them know who you are...Labeth......

Todd is in Omaha for work this week, so it's just the 2 little guys and their Mommy. Nana came over tonight to help out and to visit. We played on the swings, showed Nana how we high pitch-scream at the top of our lungs for fun, how we feed ourselves finger foods, how we fight over toys, our new ducky bathtub and how we squiggle so much, that it takes our Mommy 10 minutes (per kid) to get the overnight diaper on and the jammies. Whew!
This is the look we get when the camera is first brought out...look how serious they are!!

Still a happy babe, even with tonsillitis!One of my favorite pics of all time Wade loving the new tub Just chillin' out, taking a bath.....I'm all propped up......Meanwhile, during Wade's bath, Brody rolled into the closet and found a yummy hanger to keep him occupied Then it was B-man's turn Meanwhile, during Brody's bath, Wade crawled/scooted the entire way into their room and decided to choose a little reading material...I just went through their drawers and closet and spring cleaned the clothes that they have outgrown... The grey Rubbermaid container is filled to the brim and I need to buy more containers for all of the rest of the clothes! (This is only 3-9 month stuff)