Saturday, August 29, 2009

Struggles of raising twins...

This weekend was like any other, except, Nana and Gator took Wade Friday night! Brody was especially clingy last week, so we felt that it would be good to give him some 1-on-1 time with Mom and Dad. I do not know who was more spoiled...B-man by us or Wade by Nana and Gator! I think it is important to get that special time with each child once in a while...come to think of it, the last time we split them up, was when they were around 4 months old! I actually crave alone time with Brody and Wade, because having twins, means constantly splitting your love and attention...always! The demands of modern life leave barely enough time for our family activities, much less unlimited opportunities to interact one-on-one with each babe. Yet, that exclusive attention is vital to multiples as they develop their individual identities. Hopefully this will teach them to be more patient and less high maintenance in the long run. I guess I will struggle with this until they are married...hahaha

We took Brody with us to our monthly supper club Friday night...

He had fun playing in Campbell's toy room!

Lovable Aiden...
Sassy, Sweet Campbell
Big girl Kristina
Pretty Payton
And here are some pics from Wade's "spend the night" with Nana and Gator: I not supposed to be in here?

Wade and Gus

Wade cuddling with sweet!
He really loves these dog beds!!
Vroom Vroom...already 4 wheelin!!!
And here are some random pics...
The B
Wade, grinning huge and showing off all of his teeth!

Brody "reading"...he calls books "buuts"
Doesn't he just look mischievous??
For some reason, Brody LOVES to sit on the fireplace. He will literally sit on there for hours!
And here are some pics of Wade walking...he is officially walking now and rarely crawls. Brody took 10 steps this weekend, so he is not far behind!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clock on the wall keeps on Tickin'

OK. Time officially needs to slow down...I feel like just yesterday, I was swaddling Brody and Wade and now I am having to wrestle them for a diaper change or to get dressed! Wade is becoming very independent now that he is walking, but still swings by to give me a short hug...and then, he is off again. Brody is a little more "needy" these past couple of weeks, greatly showing separation anxiety whenever Todd or I leave the room. While we have a had a well established bedtime routine for forever now...they are starting to resist going "nite nite" a little more these days. We are introducing manners, saying thank you and please and trying to label everything they touch or see. It really opens your eyes to the world of a toddler and how much they have to learn! One milestone that they have achieved, that is the most amazing to me, is that they understand that something "still exists", even if it is not right in front of them. B-man is fascinated with books and imitating words, sounds and movements. Wade is fascinated with anything that can be pushed, pulled or sat in and copies his brother more than his parents...that will be fantastic when they are 16!!! haha

Mimi, the boys Great Grandmother, stayed a week after their 1st birthday party, due to an unexpected hospital stay, so we drove over to Panama City Beach to visit with her last weekend...she was staying with Grammie and Pop's. Here are some pics of our weekend!

Wade, showing off his walking skills, in the uneven grass, no less! B-man, hamming it up! He took his first 2 steps last Saturday! We were so proud...I love the look on Brody's face...he looks scared to death, but he actually loved being on Grammie's shoulders!This is the look that we get when Wade is know, the blank stare look?Eating pine straw and grass and happy as a clam!The boys were fascinated by Grammie and Pop's fish tank. They would sit there is the hallway and point and stare, in pure amazementDaddy and his boys. They have already shortened his name from DaDa, to is so cute!Pop's and his boys, reading a bedtime story. This picture is a framer...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Boy's 1st Birthday and 1 year old stats!

On August 13th, Wade and Brody turned 1 year old! We had our afternoon ruined by a Dr. appointment with shots. I have never heard the boys cry as hard as they did that day. They were sobbing and inconsolable, especially B-man. Thank God my Mom was with was such a long visit, because Dr. Keefe did their 12 month screening, and then the nurse topped it off with 3 huge shots. She said, you might want to grab his arms and legs, these burn. Great. Just great. And boy, did they ever burn. Good news is they are right on target for all of their skills that they should have accomplished to date, plus more! That makes a Mama proud!

We started a little tradition...we woke the boys up, singing Happy Birthday and camcorded the event...and polished the day off with pizza!

Here is a pic of the boys, before the shots, fighting over who gets to sit in the waiting room chair:

Wade Aubrey at 1 year old:
26.6 pounds 90th percentile
31 1/4 inches long 95th percentile
Head is about 80th percentile
8 teeth
Taking anywhere from 4-12 steps
Is becoming crazier by the day
Very picky eater
On Singulair for allergies...didn't have a chance in this family!
Is quite the cuddler
Very laid back
Studies toys and objects
The best sleeper in the world
Is going to be VERY tough to get off of the bottle, of milk that is...
Loves to be the center of attention and has turned into such a ham!

Brody Lee at 1 year old:
25.14 pounds 85th percentile
31 1/4 inches long 95th percentile
Head percentile is not even on the charts...poor guy takes after his Mama!!
8 teeth
The best furniture walker around and is standing on his own
Is partial to people he knows
Will eat just about anything and everything!
His hair is becoming kind of curly and wispy
Would rather stay up and play than go to bed
Is a great mimicker and loves to copy things that people do.
Has mastered bye bye, high five and says Mama, Dada, bye bye, ball, hello, Nana, Nite Nite, yummmmm, etc...
Aunt LoLa and cousin Jon came up for a quick visit and we were able to see them for a couple of hours Friday afternoon. They stayed in Destin for the night and we went over to swim in the pool!

Aunt LoLa and Wade
Nana and B-man
Mommy and BrodyTheir 1st birthday party went off without a hitch and a great time was had by all! We ate and played and explored and giggled and screamed and cried and crashed very hard at the end of the day! Thank you to everybody who was able to make the party and help us celebrate the 1st year of Brody and Wade's life!!! Thank you Lynnette for taking pics..LOVE THEM!

We tried to give them cake, and once again, they did not like it. Oh well...Wade tried to throw his on the floor and Brody screamed and wanted out of his highchair (he does not like large crowds and becomes very clingy):
Pirate cake and their smash cakes! Our little crazy family
And then there were presents, swimming and playtime!
Cousins!Our new cars!Campbell in the bouncy houseOur twin friends, Thomas and Gracie, came the whole way from Tallahassee, 10 months old!!Grammie and Brody
Mimi(Our Great Grandmother from Palm Harbor) and Wade!Little Miss Pirate, Campbell, 2 years old:

Kristina, 7 years old:
Reagen, 1 year old:

Brody and their Nanny, Ms. Margaret! They lit up when she arrived!
Grammie and cousin Caden:
Crazy peanut Wade loving the pool:
Brody flashing his killer smile...