Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No Nite Nite Mama

In honor of their 1st birthday being next week and all....we decided to do a dry run with cupcakes. Grammie was over helping out at the office last week and bought the boys chocolate cupcakes with creamy, chocolate frosting. You would think the boys would be in hog heaven...but no! They played with them and smeared them on their faces, but did not like the icing or the cake!!! I mean, seriously, come on. Who doesn't like a cupcake? We tried cupcakes with them a couple of weeks ago at Campbell's house and that was even worse! The literally threw the cupcakes on the grass and kept on playing. They better get it together, because they turn 1 in 8 days!!!

After:The Garber's came over for a VERY quick visit last weekend and Wade and Brody were in awe of Cole. He is almost 2 and is all boy. He enjoyed pulling them around in a wagon and even helped me push them in the stroller!Nana came over tonight to visit with the boys and after their bath, they both seemed exhausted...so upstairs we went and we put them down. They conked out for a whopping 30 minutes and then decided they were ready to play just a little bit longer...This is what we did while I let them have a little more play time(they don't look the slightest bit sleepy, heh?):

Look Ma, NO HANDS!
Here I come Mommy!!
Still getting into everything...
Still so handsome, bed head and all (and yes, Wade is getting hair!!)!Brody's new fishy face: