Monday, January 26, 2009


Tonight has been so much fun! We stripped the boys down to their diapers and bibs and gave them carrots for the first time (Allie told us carrots stain everything...)! Carrots are by far their most favorite food. So far, they have had rice cereal, oatmeal, sweet potatoes(real and canned), squash and carrots. It is exciting to watch their faces each time we introduce a new food. I took video of them playing and eating tonight, but the blog site will not let me upload for some reason. I also took pics of the boys taking their bath...the best part of the entire day!

Oh yeah, I forgot to give the update on Brody and the cry it out method. It works. So far. Has slept through the night for the past 3 nights. We are keeping our fingers crossed!

I am obsessed with my children...aren't they just the sweetest??

Yummy Carrots!
Playing with Mommy after work. Cutie pie brothers"Come here you balloon. Why do you keep floating away?""What talkin' to me?"
BEFORE BATH..woohoo!
BrodyDURING BATH...ahhhhh...gettin' all of those carrots off!
Wade BrodyAFTER BATH... so clean!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sittin', Standing and Eating like big boys...well almost!

Big changes going on here in Shalimar people! The boys are starting to eat real food, some baby food and even a bite or two of Nana's sweet potato. They are able to "sit" up if we prop them correctly and will not stay on their tummies for a long time without flipping over. They love to stand on their strong legs and bounce like crazy in our laps. Wade is still sleeping 11-12 hours a night, while Brody continues to wake up 2 times a night...uugghh. We are going to try the cry it out method, starting tonight. I am going to set up the pack-n-play (portable crib) in the spare room so that he won't wake up Wade and when he wakes up, go in and pat him every 5-10 minutes until he falls asleep on his own. He has just gotten in the habit of waking up for a bottle...and we have to try hard to break it!! I will keep you all posted as to how this cry it out method works...wish me luck!!

Here are some cute pic of the boys last night. Nana and Gator came over to celebrate Gator's 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Gator!!Brody "sitting" up Wade "sitting" up
B-man "standing"Wade "standing" up and marching at the same timeBrodyWadeBrody trying the sippy cup with water for the first time!Wade LOVING real sweet potatoes off of Nana's finger. He would pull her hand to him every time she put more on her finger. When we tried to use the spoon, his little tongue would push it out. Still have to work on keeping the food inside of the mouth!

Monday, January 19, 2009

So far... I have figured out about how many "supplies" we have been through so far, having twins and all...

They are ONLY 22 weeks old (5 months old)

2,856 diapers

74 loads of laundry
54 cans of formula + 3 months worth of breast milk
3,000 baby wipes
154 nights of being woken up at least 2 times
2,300 bottles
Millions of kisses and hugs

It is surely WORTH it all!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World...we have been around for 5 months already!!

The boys turned 5 months old yesterday and here are some recent pictures! Everybody says that they are the worlds most smiley babies...we are so lucky!

(Trust me, all they do is smile, but my darn camera never catches it in time. It literally takes 5 seconds to snap the pic. Pfftt. Maybe Todd will read this and buy me the camera that I have been wanting! haha)

Dude, get out of the picture...can't a guy hog the camera once in a while?

My two sweet peas looking all grown up and handsome as ever!

Cereal time= Messy x 2Whitney, Amanda and our little friend Aiden watching the Gators take another National Championship! B-man:

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"That cute smile gets me every time...Doesn't he look so tiny on the couch in his room? Wade:

"What is that silver thing you are always pointing at my face, that flashes a bright light and you are always trying to get me to smile? You can't fool me!"What a little angel... "Come on Mom, take the pic already!!"

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost 5 months old!

Brody and Wade will be 5 months old next Tuesday, Jan. 13th...already!! Everybody told us to cherish every moment, because time flies, and now I am really realizing it! They are such individuals(Thank God) and their personalities are shining through more and more daily.

Wade aka crazy peanut: He has a "screamy" cry that will pierce your ears and make you stop whatever you are doing to make it stop. It started about 2 weeks before Christmas and he has perfected it! He is very smart and Ms. Margaret calls him the Professor because he studies things. He is serious but will crack up easily! He is very ticklish and his grin will melt your heart. He is also very strong and loves to stand all of the time. Not only a sweetheart, but a cuddler as well! He is our champion sleeper and has started rolling over like crazy. I find him in a different positions every morning when he wakes up. He loves to eat cereal and although he accidentally still pushes out the majority of the food I put in his mouth, he would eat a steak if he could!! We think he is starting to teethe...chewing on everything, drooling, extra fussy...maybe a tooth will pop through those gums soon!Brody aka B-man: He is quite laid back and very sweet natured. His smile covers his entire face and he LOVES the Jumperoo. He has started squealing with delight when he is happy and it sounds like he is screaming...He still likes to see Mommy in the middle of the night and wakes up between Midnight and 1a to chug 6 ounces of milk and go right back to sleep. He gets overstimulated if he is in a loud environment with strangers(we found this out at Pop's 60th b-day party) and can entertain him self pretty well. He gets frustrated easily when he cannot reach a toy or pick one up. His newest thing is really focusing on toys and once he has it in his hand, gripping it and not letting it go! Cereal is not his favorite thing and he gives me the clamped mouth whenever I try to feed him...or he gags and chokes himself. He still "sings" himself to sleep every night and will not fall asleep without a finger in his mouth. Some cute brother pics-with all of our shirts that talk with out saying a word...

Our Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesies, Wade smiling
Picture #2, now Brody smiling. VERY hard to get them smiling at the same time!You see, only Wade is smiling...ahhhh, life with two babies!Mommy and crazy peanut...he looked like he was flexing, so I did it too.Wade in the Jumperoo and B-man in our new Baby Einstein Activity Center. (Thank you Ganty Lowie, Uncle Tom and cousin Jon, they sent us 2 for Christmas!)THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! They have really discovered each other and crack up laughing whenever we have them facing!I just had to post this pic of Miller, one of our other "sons". We came home one night and found that he had a little bit of fun with the inside of his doggie bed. Oopps. Bad puppy.