Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008

Wade and Brody's 1st Christmas was a blast! We spent Tuesday-Saturday at a beach house in Grayton Beach with both of our families. The boys were surrounded by tons of love and might have even been held just a little too much...haha!

Todd and Dave with Miller and Buck at the end of our dock

The view from the beach houseThe stockings were hung down the staircase with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there...The children were nestled all snug in the closet, While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads (The pack-n-play definitely would not have fit in the room, so we made beds for them in the closet...are you kidding me??) Wade and Brody Cousin Caden saying to the boys, "Look Wade and Brody, this is how you sit like a big boy!" The boys in their Christmas jammies and santa hats Aunt Allie, cousin Caden, Mommy and the boys on Christmas day!While Wade was napping, Allie and I took Caden and Brody for a stroller ride all over Grayton Beach! Brody after the stroller ride We are all dressed in white shirts and jeans for the Harrell family photo shoot on the beach....

3 babies and cool, windy weather=very hard time getting pictures!

Caden with birthday streamers! All of the guys, downstairs cooking up our Christmas day Low Country Boil Nana, Wade and Uncle Dave Uncle Scotty, Grammie, Todd, Great Grandmother, B-man and Mimi

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last update before Christmas!

We have had a VERY busy week! The boys met Santa for the first time, were good little guys for Ms. Margaret while Daddy surprised Mommy with a 30th birthday party, helped celebrate their Pop's 60th surprise birthday party and tried cereal for the first time!

Brody Santa and Wade
Brody looking "cute as can be" in his santa hat!

Their Nanny, Ms. Margaret. She is the best! Come on Wade, smile for Mom! The boys totally into their Baby Einstein! Brody looks amazed!Uncle Scott, cousin Caden and the boys Pops and B-man on his 60th Birthday Grammy and Wade Wade trying cereal for the first time...not too sure just yet! He loved it and finished the entire serving! He giggled and smiled the entire time... Brody trying cereal for the first time...his tongue really kept getting in the way... ...but he finally figured it out and swallowed each bite like a big boy! He wimpered between each bite because I was not shoveling it in fast enough! Uncle Dave and Wade hanging out on the couch and watching the fire!

Monday, December 15, 2008

We are 4 months old!

We have entered into the 4th month...tons of smiling and constant giggling are a norm! Brody and Wade are now grasping toys and putting everything into their mouths...and talk about the drool! They sleep through the night and we are finally settling into a fairly normal routine. They are babbling and chatting and recognizing me and Todd when we walk into the room. It totally blows me away how much they are changing each and every day!

Today's Pediatrician stats:
Wade: 13lbs 6oz 24 3/4 inches long 50th percentile for height/ 25th percentile for weight
Brody: 15lbs 3oz 24 3/4 inches long 50th percentile for weight/ 50th percentile for height
Pediatrician said that they are right on target and that Wade is finally in the normal range for weight...go Wade!!

We have a sweet women named Ms. Margaret that comes to our house 4 days a week so that we can both put in a good work week! I will have to say that it was incredibly hard at first to leave the boys, but we feel incredibly lucky to have her! She is so kind and absolutely LOVES Wade and Brody!
Ms. Margaret and the boys on her first day...she is already a pro!

Wade loving the Jumperoo This is the way B-man sleeps Wade holds his bottle!! If you look at the very bottom of the picture, you can see their two little heads and feet watching Baby Einstein...they are mesmerized! Posing for always looks stunned! ha ha

It's official, the boys are a part of the family! We have decided to keep them... Wade looking all "growns up"! Meeting their new girlfriend Emily...Brody is already mad that he is having to share girls and Wade is already putting on the moves!

Music to our ears.................

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sleepin' through the ornaments!

Here are some favorites from the photo session we had Thanksgiving week. The 2 best pics will be on our Christmas cards...hopefully we will be sending them out this week! We hired a nanny to come in 4 days a week so that we can both go back to work. Her name is Margaret and she is a former Caregiver with Home Instead! I will post pics soon and tell you guys all about her...We put up all of our Christmas decorations this weekend and put the tree up today...the boys were so excited that they slept the entire time we hung ornaments!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!!

We just returned from our 6 day trip to Macclenny, FL to visit Todd's family. We celebrated Thanksgiving with Pops, Great Grandmother, Aunt Marilyn, Uncle Andy, Cousins Alex, Melissa, Andrea and their newest addition, Madelyn! Grammy was not able to make the trip because she was with sick cousin Caden, who was hospitalized for 1 week due to the RSV virus and brochiolitis...poor guy! (check out for details) He was just discharged today and is recovering nicely at his house...finally!

Before our trip to Macclenny, we stopped in Tallahassee for the boys 3 months pics/Christmas card pics. Here is a sneak peek of the photo shoot of the boys:
When we returned from our trip, the leaves had changed in the trees in the front yard...isn't it beautiful? I LOVE fall! Daddy and Brody playing

Mommy and her boys. Notice the bibs? All we do is drool these days... Great Grandmother and her 3rd and 4th "Greats" Typical day with the Harrell boys...Gobble Gobble baby The dogs wanted to join in with Wade while he was taking his nap! Too cute... Todd, Pops, Uncle Andy, Great Grandmother, cousin Madelyn and the boys all showing their team colors. Go Noles!(Even though we STINK!!!) Our little family, that I love oh so much Wade looking like a big boy! Brody napping with Georgia the Giraffe...he had too much turkey!!

A quick video of Brody enjoying cousin Madelyn's Jumperoo. He stayed in it for hours over Thanksgiving! When we put the boys in their Jumperoo at home, we have to put a pillow under their feet so they can "touch" the floor!