Monday, December 15, 2008

We are 4 months old!

We have entered into the 4th month...tons of smiling and constant giggling are a norm! Brody and Wade are now grasping toys and putting everything into their mouths...and talk about the drool! They sleep through the night and we are finally settling into a fairly normal routine. They are babbling and chatting and recognizing me and Todd when we walk into the room. It totally blows me away how much they are changing each and every day!

Today's Pediatrician stats:
Wade: 13lbs 6oz 24 3/4 inches long 50th percentile for height/ 25th percentile for weight
Brody: 15lbs 3oz 24 3/4 inches long 50th percentile for weight/ 50th percentile for height
Pediatrician said that they are right on target and that Wade is finally in the normal range for weight...go Wade!!

We have a sweet women named Ms. Margaret that comes to our house 4 days a week so that we can both put in a good work week! I will have to say that it was incredibly hard at first to leave the boys, but we feel incredibly lucky to have her! She is so kind and absolutely LOVES Wade and Brody!
Ms. Margaret and the boys on her first day...she is already a pro!

Wade loving the Jumperoo This is the way B-man sleeps Wade holds his bottle!! If you look at the very bottom of the picture, you can see their two little heads and feet watching Baby Einstein...they are mesmerized! Posing for always looks stunned! ha ha

It's official, the boys are a part of the family! We have decided to keep them... Wade looking all "growns up"! Meeting their new girlfriend Emily...Brody is already mad that he is having to share girls and Wade is already putting on the moves!

Music to our ears.................