Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last update before Christmas!

We have had a VERY busy week! The boys met Santa for the first time, were good little guys for Ms. Margaret while Daddy surprised Mommy with a 30th birthday party, helped celebrate their Pop's 60th surprise birthday party and tried cereal for the first time!

Brody Santa and Wade
Brody looking "cute as can be" in his santa hat!

Their Nanny, Ms. Margaret. She is the best! Come on Wade, smile for Mom! The boys totally into their Baby Einstein! Brody looks amazed!Uncle Scott, cousin Caden and the boys Pops and B-man on his 60th Birthday Grammy and Wade Wade trying cereal for the first time...not too sure just yet! He loved it and finished the entire serving! He giggled and smiled the entire time... Brody trying cereal for the first time...his tongue really kept getting in the way... ...but he finally figured it out and swallowed each bite like a big boy! He wimpered between each bite because I was not shoveling it in fast enough! Uncle Dave and Wade hanging out on the couch and watching the fire!