Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Pickin', Hayrides and "The Greatest Show on Earth"

Our weekend started off with a trip to the pumpkin patch! This year was completely different than last year...

Wade and Brody's 1st Halloween, 2 mos old:
Wade and Brody's 2nd Halloween, 14 mos old:They explored every single inch of the pumpkin patch and even let us capture a few pics:
Their best little girlfriend, Campbell

Before we left, Whitney and I took the 3 kids on a hayride! You cannot see Wade, because he is sitting between me and Campbell, but I promise he is there!
We took the boys to see the circus for the first time yesterday! They saw camels and ponies and elephants and clowns and motorcycles and even a donkey that could add! The performers did a great job keeping the youngins entertained. (We left after an hour, during intermission, as the parents were ready to get out of dodge.)

Our typical family portrait! Daddy and Wade taking in the butterfly act:
Another family pic:
After the circus, I took the boys to an open soccer field and let them run wild! That is the last time that I will do that by myself again! One went one way and the other went the complete opposite...After chasing them around and wrangling them back up, we headed over to Nana and Gator's house for meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans. Gotta love a good comfort meal on a Sunday night...It was delicious!

This weekend is officially Halloween, and the boys get to go trick or treating for the first time! We are going to take them over to the Hipsh's neighborhood to go trick or treating and then Nana and Gator are going to watch them for the night so we can attend a Bowlegs Halloween party! Here is a pic that I uploaded from the Pottery Barn Kids website of their little costumes that Grammie and Pop's bought them!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Break out the jeans and long sleeves!

Fall has finally arrived! We are thoroughly enjoying the cooler weather and all of the activities that go along with it! Nana, Brody, Wade and I drove over to Tallahassee for Thomas and Gracie's 1st birthday party and for a quick visit with Uncle Dave and Aunt Allie and Cousin Caden! here are some pics from our WONDERFUL mini-vaca...

Some pics of the boys at their twin friend's, Thomas and Gracie, 1st birthday party It was a carnival theme and the boys had a blast! They had a bouncy house and cotton candy(Wade LOVED it and got all sticky...) and a pool with balls, which they spent almost the entire time in, until Wade figured out how to tip the pool and make all of the balls go all over the yard, and then they were done.

and some pics of the boys with their Uncle Dave at a playground. He is such a great Uncle and cherished every moment of spending time with his nephews!Dave and Wade checking out the lake covered in algae. Wade latched onto Dave and Dave called him "little renegade"...It was so cute!and a few pics from our quick visit with Aunt Allie and Cousin Caden:

And a picnic in Uncle Dave's front yard before our Tallahassee adventure was almost done, complete with Gordo's turkey cubans and fries! The boys actually sat down on the blanket and ate lunch!

On the way home, we took Highway 20, instead of I-10. We stopped along the way to let the boys stretch their legs...they had a blast and got good and dirty!And, last but not least, a pic before I left for work this morning....I LOVE FOOTED jammies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bottle Free!

Oh boy. Life is now a blur of craziness. We officially have 2 world renowned explorers on our hands. They run everywhere and are into EVERYTHING!!! They open and shut and bang and slam and drop and push and throw everything in their way. Brody is the bulldozer and Wade feels no pain. Seriously, they are crazy!!!!!!!! In a good way, of course. They are definitely little boys and there is nothing subtle about them. Now, while they are rough and tough little boys, they both have the sweetest little hearts. They love to snuggle and be read to and they love it when I sing the song my Mimi sang to my Mom and Aunts, and what they sang to all of us growing up: "There's a little brown road, winding over the hill, to a little white cot by the sea......There's a little green gate, by whose trellis I wait, for whose eye's of blue, come shining through, at me". As soon as I sing it, they crawl into my lap and put their sweet little heads on my chest and shut their eyes. It melts my heart in ways I cannot even explain!Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a HUGE milestone that we completed the Monday Todd and I got back from Boston! Brody and Wade are now BOTTLE FREE!!!!! This was a huge accomplishment for the boys, as their bottles were their comfort item. Some kids have paci's and some have boys loved their bottles. After about 2 days of crankiness and tears, we survived! We have even started to introduce utensils to them at meal times and we are brushing their teeth 3 times a day! They are growing up so fast. Brody has 4 teeth on the top and 4 on the bottom. Wade has 11 teeth...the 4 front on top and bottom and the bottom molars and one of the top!

They have been drinking out of sippy cups for months, but now, they are big boys and do not need bottles!

Using forks for the first time! They were so proud that they were feeding themselves!

And here is proof that they are into everything...this was Brody within a matter of 30 seconds...

And here is Wade taking off around the corner...thinking every time I go towards him, it's a game of chase!

Pics with Ms. Margaret!