Friday, October 16, 2009

Bottle Free!

Oh boy. Life is now a blur of craziness. We officially have 2 world renowned explorers on our hands. They run everywhere and are into EVERYTHING!!! They open and shut and bang and slam and drop and push and throw everything in their way. Brody is the bulldozer and Wade feels no pain. Seriously, they are crazy!!!!!!!! In a good way, of course. They are definitely little boys and there is nothing subtle about them. Now, while they are rough and tough little boys, they both have the sweetest little hearts. They love to snuggle and be read to and they love it when I sing the song my Mimi sang to my Mom and Aunts, and what they sang to all of us growing up: "There's a little brown road, winding over the hill, to a little white cot by the sea......There's a little green gate, by whose trellis I wait, for whose eye's of blue, come shining through, at me". As soon as I sing it, they crawl into my lap and put their sweet little heads on my chest and shut their eyes. It melts my heart in ways I cannot even explain!Oh yeah, I forgot to mention a HUGE milestone that we completed the Monday Todd and I got back from Boston! Brody and Wade are now BOTTLE FREE!!!!! This was a huge accomplishment for the boys, as their bottles were their comfort item. Some kids have paci's and some have boys loved their bottles. After about 2 days of crankiness and tears, we survived! We have even started to introduce utensils to them at meal times and we are brushing their teeth 3 times a day! They are growing up so fast. Brody has 4 teeth on the top and 4 on the bottom. Wade has 11 teeth...the 4 front on top and bottom and the bottom molars and one of the top!

They have been drinking out of sippy cups for months, but now, they are big boys and do not need bottles!

Using forks for the first time! They were so proud that they were feeding themselves!

And here is proof that they are into everything...this was Brody within a matter of 30 seconds...

And here is Wade taking off around the corner...thinking every time I go towards him, it's a game of chase!

Pics with Ms. Margaret!