Saturday, November 22, 2008

3 new videos!

Here are recent videos! The first video is of Wade on his 3 month birthday and the second is Brody on his 3 month birthday...commentating courtesy of Todd... The third video is of both of them this morning!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Big Boy Cribs

This has been a big week for the Harrell boys...Wade slept through the night, Brody slept through the night and they are starting to take naps in their cribs in their room upstairs(I am thinking of finally putting them up there to sleep at night...with only waking up once per kid, that is only 2 trips up and down the stairs, we can handle that!!). Here are some recent pics:

This is probably their last picture sleeping in their pack-n-play! Yaaahoooo!
Brody concentrating VERY hard at all of the new things to look at in his jumparoo! Why so sad little peanut?? There is our happy boy! B-man Brody looking VERY SERIOUS...haha The boys all bundled up at the dog park last night! Watching the fire before getting their bath...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twins = Fun

We are having such a blast with 2 babies...twins are so much fun! I seriously cannot imagine not having two at the same time.

I love this poem:

Once upon a time daddy and I,
wished upon a distant star,
We didn't know if we'd get our wish,
the chances seemed rather far.

We asked God for a healthy little bundle of joy,
To cuddle and hold tight,
To love and squeeze and give a gentle kiss goodnight.
Well, God was listening and the answer came straight from the blue.
Not only did we get one little angel, He saw fit to give us two...

Why did God choose us to be the parents of twins?
The answer comes clear-
At the end of the day,
As we tuck them in bed
And to ourselves we say...
There's two to kiss,
There's two to hug;
And best of all, Thank You, God, for two to love.

The Harrell boys...
Brody cannot kept his eyes off of his toys hanging from the bouncy seat! Todd loves this picture because Wade looks all "big and puffed up"...hahaMy FAVORITE 2nd born son My FAVORITE 1st born son!I just had to post this pic because Brody looks so hilarious. I think he was mad because his outfit didn't match, but I kept telling him we were just hanging out at the house...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Start Em' Early, Start Em' Right

Here are a couple of pics from today...notice that the boys are all dressed in their FSU gear? They even have FSU pacifiers, courtesy of Grammie and Pops!!

This pic was taken during their morning nap in our bed...we all snuggled together and took a nap!
Daddy and his boys
Daddy and B-man Daddy and Wade Such handsome men I have!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sleeping through the night!!!

Hi, my name is Wade Harrell. I am 3 months old today and I slept through the night last night, from 10p-6a for my Mommy and Daddy!!
Hi, my name is Brody Harrell. I am 3 months old today and I am almost sleeping through the night. I only woke up once, around 4:30a, but I went right back to sleep! I am almost there!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bumbo Chairs

We have been trying to put the boys in their Bumbo chairs as much as possible, to strengthen their little necks and it is working like a charm!! They have such good control of their heads and are able to hold it steady most of the time! The boys will be 3 months old tomorrow! Time is really flying by...

Mommy and her boys!

They are starting to stare at each other, but not quite interacting just yet!

I put my sunglasses on him and he did not care at all! He kept them on until I took them off...I think he thought he looked cool... How could life not be AMAZING with a smile like this!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Alzheimer's Walk

Here are some pics of the boys up at the office with us yesterday and pics from the Alzheimer's walk we did this morning! Both Brody and Wade only woke up once last night...we are almost there!!!
B-man sitting up in his Bumbo!! The boys playing at the office next to Mommy's desk
Wade Brody The boys after a hard morning of playing... Wade all bundled up for the Alzheimer's walk! Both boys! Latest Family pic...check out our new walking stroller!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We had a VERY busy 24 hours!! Arrived in Tallahassee yesterday evening and spent the night with Elizabeth, Brian and Cole, who just turned one last Thursday! Happy Birthday Cole! Natalie came by to visit and Michele brought over Sydney and Cody...we had a house full! After another night of NO sleep, Todd went to his meeting and I headed over to my friend Christie's to meet her new little twins, Thomas and Gracie...who have got to be the cutest little things ever. I did not realize how much Brody and Wade have grown until I saw them next to Thomas and Gracie. We then swung through Panama City to see Grammie and Pops and we are finally home! Traveling with babies sure does take it out of ya!!

Um, could somebody help me out ova' here? I haven't mastered this whole sitting up thing yet...well actually not at all!!
The boys laying in bed with Elizabeth

Getting ready for "bed"...I just wish that they knew that jammies=sleep!Wade is finally catching up to Brody and they actually are starting to look like twins...Wade: "Yay! Look at me, I can smile..."

Gracie: "Who in the world put me in this pile with all of these boys?? Please Please, get me out of here!"

Thomas: "Big deal, I think I will just take a nap...who do these boys think they are, coming into my house and making me look tiny?"

Brody: "Why is Wade not looking at me...I want to tell him that these kiddos are sqealing like little birdies...we need to teach them how to cry until that Mommy lady picks them up!"

Thomas and Gracie, 3 weeks old! Our first play date with another set of twins!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's already November!

Grammie and Pop's came over last weekend and watched the boys for us while we got away for the entire weekend!! Thank you guys so much!! It was a much needed get away and was incredibly wonderful to be able to sleep for 8 hours straight, both of us, both nights in a row!! Brody and Wade continue to amaze us...they are starting to laugh out loud, smiling when they see us, learning to cry when they do not get what they want, holding their heads up without looking like bobble heads, cooing like is so much fun! We are headed to Tallahassee today because Todd has a meeting in the morning and while we are there, I am going to bring the boys and visit my friend Christie who just had twins on October 14 and help her out for the day! That is sure going to be a busy house while we are all there!

Grammie and Pop's with Brody and Wade, starting their weekend adventure on Halloween!

Brody and Wade doing floor time at the office Brody staring at his activity gym toys...he loves them and coo's and smiles like crazy! Wade smiling B-man smiling Wade trying out his Bumbo chair!