Sunday, November 16, 2008

Twins = Fun

We are having such a blast with 2 babies...twins are so much fun! I seriously cannot imagine not having two at the same time.

I love this poem:

Once upon a time daddy and I,
wished upon a distant star,
We didn't know if we'd get our wish,
the chances seemed rather far.

We asked God for a healthy little bundle of joy,
To cuddle and hold tight,
To love and squeeze and give a gentle kiss goodnight.
Well, God was listening and the answer came straight from the blue.
Not only did we get one little angel, He saw fit to give us two...

Why did God choose us to be the parents of twins?
The answer comes clear-
At the end of the day,
As we tuck them in bed
And to ourselves we say...
There's two to kiss,
There's two to hug;
And best of all, Thank You, God, for two to love.

The Harrell boys...
Brody cannot kept his eyes off of his toys hanging from the bouncy seat! Todd loves this picture because Wade looks all "big and puffed up"...hahaMy FAVORITE 2nd born son My FAVORITE 1st born son!I just had to post this pic because Brody looks so hilarious. I think he was mad because his outfit didn't match, but I kept telling him we were just hanging out at the house...