Thursday, November 6, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

We had a VERY busy 24 hours!! Arrived in Tallahassee yesterday evening and spent the night with Elizabeth, Brian and Cole, who just turned one last Thursday! Happy Birthday Cole! Natalie came by to visit and Michele brought over Sydney and Cody...we had a house full! After another night of NO sleep, Todd went to his meeting and I headed over to my friend Christie's to meet her new little twins, Thomas and Gracie...who have got to be the cutest little things ever. I did not realize how much Brody and Wade have grown until I saw them next to Thomas and Gracie. We then swung through Panama City to see Grammie and Pops and we are finally home! Traveling with babies sure does take it out of ya!!

Um, could somebody help me out ova' here? I haven't mastered this whole sitting up thing yet...well actually not at all!!
The boys laying in bed with Elizabeth

Getting ready for "bed"...I just wish that they knew that jammies=sleep!Wade is finally catching up to Brody and they actually are starting to look like twins...Wade: "Yay! Look at me, I can smile..."

Gracie: "Who in the world put me in this pile with all of these boys?? Please Please, get me out of here!"

Thomas: "Big deal, I think I will just take a nap...who do these boys think they are, coming into my house and making me look tiny?"

Brody: "Why is Wade not looking at me...I want to tell him that these kiddos are sqealing like little birdies...we need to teach them how to cry until that Mommy lady picks them up!"

Thomas and Gracie, 3 weeks old! Our first play date with another set of twins!