Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family Vacation...

...to the Georgia Mountains! We needed it. Looked forward to it...and enjoyed each and every second of our first family vacation as a family of 5, 7 if you include the dogs!!

The Clampett's meet the Griswold's:


This picture happens to be the only picture I am in, from the whole trip. No, Mom, I am not kidding.......pppfftttt! I promise I was there! We counted 36 cemeteries, 19 rebel flags and about 100 churches from our start in FL, to our destination near Cleveland, GA. We know so, because this is how Todd and I stayed entertained on the 7 hour road trip with 3 kids under 4 and 2, 80lb dogs...We savored each moment, making memories along the way!

Our cabin had 4 bedrooms, a full kitchen, family room, laundry room, huge wrap around porch for the dogs and a fire pit:(Since I am only in one picture, I have decided to use it twice.)
We spent hours making rock and grass soup, fished with Daddy, enjoyed our nightly bonfires and breathed in the mountain air: Photobucket
We roasted our first marshmallows and found out that we enjoyed throwing them in the fire, as opposed to eating them. Well, the roasted ones, anyways. Brody ate about 6 before we realized it and took the bag away! Photobucket
We explored Clarkesville, visited the North 40 Lodge to quickly catch up with the Blackburn's and were awed by the beautiful Soque River... Photobucket
As well as the Chattahoochee River: Photobucket
We ventured down to Atlanta and spent the day at the Georgia Aqurarium. The boys loved the whale sharks and the huge grouper! Photobucket
And, last but not least, we saw Goats on the Roof while eating ice cream! Photobucket Photobucket
Thank you Georgia for spoiling our family! See you next year!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

We celebrated the Daddy all day on Sunday...the boys really have no idea just yet, how lucky they are to have Todd as their Dad!!!!!

Started off with a birthday party, where the weather and water were GORGEOUS!

While Brody and Jack played in the water...Wade got some 1-on-1 time with Daddy...and he caught a fish!

We continued on in the afternoon with shuckin' oysters and cold beer on the back porch, a visit from Nana and Gator, a nap for Todd and  fresh Ahi tuna tuna for dinner!

3 more weeks

Cast was supposed to come off at his 5 week appointment.  Although the Dr was extremely impressed with his surgical outcome and the way the bones are healing, he felt it would be best to leave the cast on for 3 more weeks.  So, after anticipating his cast being removed at that appointment, we all left a little sad and Wade with a bright and shiny new cast for 3 more weeks.  Such is life, baby.



I ask Todd to get Jack dressed......Living with all boys, I seem to be the only one who even noticed.  Lawdy!!


And he is ONE!!!

Jack David's One year old appointment stats!

He is 31 inches tall (85th percentile)
He is 24 lbs (50th percentile)
And his head is maintaining its size...measuring in at the 90th percentile!
Size 12, 18 and 24 month clothing
Size 4 shoe
Size 3 diaper
Off the bottle, but still addicted to the paci~
Hair might be curly??

He walks everywhere, is into everything and is a total Momma's boy. He tries to keep up with his brothers, sleeps 12+ hours a night and is always smiling. He LOVES to eat, sleeps with 3+ paci's and follows Miller and Buckley around all of the time! He is healthy, smart, beautiful, happy and laid back...what more could you ask for in a child?? We love you so much Jickity JackJack!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday JackJack!!

Oh my sweet boy. You have filled a space in my heart I did not even know existed! I have saved all of the sweet,goopy words for a letter that I wrote you and placed in your special box... Thank you for being ours. Your first birthday party was held at Nana and Gator's home...at 10am on your actual birthday, May 26th! We invited all of the little people we know, to come and help celebrate your big day. You were surrounded by family and friends...you are so loved! But, you had other plans, and decided to sleep, pretty much your ENTIRE party!! It was hard to set an exact time for your party, as you have a very scattered nap schedule, and you always seem to rally when there is action going on, but this time, your heavy eyelids took over and you fell asleep in my arms about 20 minutes after the party started! We all quickly gathered to sing Happy Birthday to you and presented you with your little smash cake. But, you were already on your way to sleepland. Your eyes were heavy, you wanted nothing to do with your cake and you began to cry... Before you fell asleep, Lynnette was able to capture you at your party!!  Thank you Lynnette!

Such a big boy...you are walking everywhere!!Photobucket

Do you see that beautiful cake? Your Nana slaved away on that all day on Friday (Thank you Nana...it was extremely delicious)!!! And taking a nap on the floor in your bathing suit and towel! You can see just how tired you were in the pic with the cake...Photobucket

The bigger kiddos stayed busy running through sprinklers and decorating party hats and painting sun catchers! Thank you Aunt Lowie and Aunt Marilyn for supervising the craft table!


And thank you everybody that came out to celebrate!! Photobucket

And after you woke up, you were all smiles and I was able to capture pics as well... Photobucket

I will forever cherish these... Photobucket Photobucket

From where it all began... 

To the journey ahead... Photobucket

Jack...you will move mountains!  

Happy 1st Birthday!!!