Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday JackJack!!

Oh my sweet boy. You have filled a space in my heart I did not even know existed! I have saved all of the sweet,goopy words for a letter that I wrote you and placed in your special box... Thank you for being ours. Your first birthday party was held at Nana and Gator's 10am on your actual birthday, May 26th! We invited all of the little people we know, to come and help celebrate your big day. You were surrounded by family and are so loved! But, you had other plans, and decided to sleep, pretty much your ENTIRE party!! It was hard to set an exact time for your party, as you have a very scattered nap schedule, and you always seem to rally when there is action going on, but this time, your heavy eyelids took over and you fell asleep in my arms about 20 minutes after the party started! We all quickly gathered to sing Happy Birthday to you and presented you with your little smash cake. But, you were already on your way to sleepland. Your eyes were heavy, you wanted nothing to do with your cake and you began to cry... Before you fell asleep, Lynnette was able to capture you at your party!!  Thank you Lynnette!

Such a big are walking everywhere!!Photobucket

Do you see that beautiful cake? Your Nana slaved away on that all day on Friday (Thank you was extremely delicious)!!! And taking a nap on the floor in your bathing suit and towel! You can see just how tired you were in the pic with the cake...Photobucket

The bigger kiddos stayed busy running through sprinklers and decorating party hats and painting sun catchers! Thank you Aunt Lowie and Aunt Marilyn for supervising the craft table!


And thank you everybody that came out to celebrate!! Photobucket

And after you woke up, you were all smiles and I was able to capture pics as well... Photobucket

I will forever cherish these... Photobucket Photobucket

From where it all began... 

To the journey ahead... Photobucket will move mountains!  

Happy 1st Birthday!!!