Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mid Week Ramblings

Nana offered to pick Jack up from school on Wednesday afternoons, so that both Todd and I can attend the boys soccer practice. (I am not able to go on Mondays because it is from 6:30p - 7:30p, and Jack's bedtime is at 7:00p...). I will tell ya, it was wonderful to be able to sit back in a lawn chair, watch Brody and Wade practice and not chase around a toddler that wants to be part of their every move.

Oh, and did I mention that I am in love with natural light? Dusk, is by far, my favorite time of the day. Especially on a chilly, sunny evening...
 photo 5_zps118e707b.png
 photo 4_zpsd1d2b54c.png

The little Hipsh gals:
 photo 6_zpsf8721b6b.png

During a water break, Mr. Larry stepped in as goalie, and Campbell scored!!
 photo DSC_0193_zpsdc42204c.jpg

Then, Coach Phillip had them pair off, fight for the ball and defend each other. First up, Campbell vs. Wade:

She kicks....
 photo DSC_0183_zps2a2ee231.jpg

He blocked!
 photo DSC_0184_zpse5730387.jpg

He then put twin against twin...
 photo DSC_0186_zps47271fb0.jpg

Here comes the B-man....
 photo DSC_0187_zpsbab4c737.jpg

And, he actually scored against Wade, but I was too busy cheering to capture the shot!!
 photo DSC_0190_zps7b222bc8.jpg

After soccer practice, we headed over to Nana and Gator's for Easter dinner and Easter baskets! We had ham and green beans and mac-n-cheese and the boys all time favorite, crescent rolls. (We will be in MacClenny visiting Great Grandmother for Easter Sunday this year, so we had to celebrate early!)
 photo 7_zps558bd5b3.png

I turned around for one second.....oh Jack...
 photo DSC_0207_zps51ef1440.jpg

And Nana finally completed the tree skirt she made me for took longer than she expected. It is an heirloom that I will be able to pass down someday. It is beautiful and intricate and incredibly special to me! Thank you Mom!
 photo DSC_0206_zps044cde08.jpg

Just a few school pics from their week so far...(I have muted out a few faces of the little ones, because I do not know their parents and do not know how they feel about their children on a public Internet blog)
 photo 2_zpsdff7c3c5.png
 photo 3_zps5b5b53a2.png
 photo 1_zps84ad6281.png
Happy Easter Everyone!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Sweet boys...Look just how much you 3 have grown in 1 little year! Exactly 1 year ago, today:
 photo March2012284.jpg
 photo March2012285.jpg
 photo March2012274.jpg

Life is fleeting, years rush past...
and little boys grow up so fast!
Let me take time out to be thankful
mine's still here with me.
And though I'm busy through the day,
Let me take time out to play...

Let me take time out to smile,
to sit with him for just a while...
Let me take time out for walks,
for swings and sports
and quiet talks,

for sharing giggles, tickles, hugs,
for patching knees
and catching bugs...
for running races, climbing trees,
for helping with his A-B-C's...

for hatching plots
and planning schemes,
for listening
to his thoughts and dreams.

Let me tuck him in at night,
hear his prayers, turn off the light.
And when my busy day is done,
Let me thank God
I have a son.

A very windy Sunday afternoon!

A very windy Sunday afternoon, indeed! I am surprised Jack did not fly away. Seriously, the winds gave my hair a whole new meaning to the word wind blown... :) The kiddos played hard on the playground, for almost an hour before Pop's arrived...we then headed over to the baseball fields, where they ran the bases and explored the dugouts. All in due time Harrell boys...We kicked around the soccer ball and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth on our skin. This family is READY FOR SUMMER!
 photo DSC_0137_zps1f5cf875.jpg
 photo DSC_0138_zps4a357791.jpg
 photo DSC_0145_zpsc0e3e4b4.jpg
 photo DSC_0147_zps32cb08ff.jpg

Love these pics for some reason...
 photo DSC_0151_zps55e3dd56.jpg
 photo DSC_0154_zps6d1a3ea9.jpg

Thank you Pop's for treating us to ice cream after the park!!
 photo 4_zpsabd26705.png

Visit from Grammie and Mimi!

Mimi and Grammie popped over to our neck of the woods for a short, but fun-filled weekend. We pretty much spent most of our times indoors, as it rained off and on Friday night and most of Saturday...but we did manage to get out and buy local strawberries from Akers Farm and made/canned tons of Strawberry Jam! We danced and cuddled and read lots of books. We ate and cooked and watched TV. The Easter bunny even made an early drop off to Grammie's house!

 photo 1_zpsdf33b37c.png

 photo 3_zpsebdc174e.png

 photo 2_zpse0d94f29.png

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Soccer practice has begun! Go Team Home Instead!
 photo ResizedImage951363649832069_zpsfcfd6af1.jpg
 photo ResizedImage951363649693087_zpsa53acb04.jpg
 photo IMG952438_zps606aa611.jpg
 photo IMG952435_zps16731fa2.jpg


The boys all made homemade cards for Nana and Gators birthdays this year. They worked long and hard on them!
 photo 7_zps059ef64f.png

Wade especially enjoyed making his card...he wrote the entire alphabet, Happy Birthday Nana and Gator and placed stickers in just the right places :)
 photo 8_zps8f25b7cb.png

One more year

Something was lingering on my mind...I could not put my finger on it...but I was feeling anxious. Like I had made a wrong decision or something. You know the feeling, when your instincts are flailing at you with waving arms, telling you to step back and rethink your recent decisions? Well, I finally figured out what I was feeling anxious about...kindergarten. I was so worried about them starting...their birthday is August 13th...and school starts August 19th. So, that would mean they would make the 5 year old cutoff by a week. Seriously...just one week? Academically, they are ready. Without a doubt in my mind. But socially and emotionally? They still have a ways to go. So, together, Todd and I have decided to keep them in preschool for one more year. The nagging feeling has left me...I know 100% that we have made the right decision for our boys.

Quick Get-a-way

My Mom and I headed over to Orange Beach, AL to see Luke Bryan at the Wharf! We had an absolute blast, and I am blessed beyond belief that my man can take care of all 3 babes without blinking an eye. We took our time coming back home, taking the beautiful and scenic, country roads from Foley to Fairhope. It was gorgeous! We happened to arrive in Fairhope for their big annual craft/art fair. It was a beautiful day outside, so we parked and strolled around the fair, people watching and enjoying the live music and the smell of fair food. It was so enjoyable for this Momma to relax!

Cannot wait until next time Mom!!
 photo 2013-03-14_18-16-51_24_zpsae318b7d.jpg

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We really do have Irish blood running through us. (Well, all of us but the Daddy-man.) My shamrocks!
 photo DSC_0106_zps1603cac8.jpg

Daily Reports

The boys school decided to go paperless, in regards to sending home daily notes and newsletters. They are using a new program, where we check in and out on an iPad, and when we check out, it sends us their report, directly to our email. But what I love best, is they attach pictures and videos of what they did during the day! I love this so much...makes me feel like I am part of their little day at school! Here are a few...

 photo 10_zpsa028d417.png
 photo 9_zps734d7014.png
 photo 11_zps769e34ae.png

and a sweet video of JackJack!


Little man got a big boy haircut! His hair is full on curly and crazy and we had to tame it down a bit. His hair grows so fast, that his curly top will be back before we know it! Doesn't he look so grown up?
 photo 6_zpsb5252eaf.png

Lighter Later

We are loving daylight savings time! The extra daylight allows more time in the evening to play outside, ride bikes and practice soccer. Thank Goodness, because our 3 munchkins are still bustling with energy after school!

 photo 4_zpse37db084.png
 photo 3_zps8cfc94c4.png
 photo 2_zpsad1d48d6.png
 photo 1_zpsa27eab18.png

Jack wanted to be just like his BB and Wade...check out his shin guards and big ol' shoes. Our 3rd child. Bless his heart!!
 photo 5_zps81324197.png

Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the games begin!

We have finally arrived at sports time. Todd wanted to wait until the boys were around 4 1/2 to start any sport, so we are starting with soccer!

This Saturday, the Spring soccer league started by having a tryout/meet & greet with all of the players and coaches. The boys got to run different drills and the coaches took note to each kids skill level. (They do this so they can "even out" each team with the varying of skills.) Poor JackJack wanted to be right in the mix of things...he wanted to run the drills, kick the ball and stand with his big bros... :(

They were so excited and listened very attentively and followed every direction...It is too cute to watch their different little personalties shine through. Wade appears more cautious, watching others to follow their lead. Brody appears to have a competitive spirit, wanting to be the lead.
 photo DSC_0046_zps093ef1ed.jpg

Wade in Action!
 photo 2_zpsfa002bdd.png

Brody in action!
 photo 3_zps8e8b07d3.png

We had not purchased cleats before the Saturday tryouts, so they were super pumped to buy all of their soccer gear afterwards. They, of course, picked the loudest, most flashy pair! (Brody actually picked out a blue/green pair at first...equally as flashy, but after trying them on again at home, they just didn't fit back to Hibbett's we went, where he ended up choosing the same pair as Wade.)
 photo cleat_zps00ad0ca4.jpg

The rest of the weekend was spent park hopping:
 photo 6_zps81990617.png

Where Jack rode his first merry go round...

Practicing soccer, of course...
 photo 5_zps7d0676f8.png

Playing in the front yard...
 photo 4_zps0553cdb7.png

And lots and lots of family time. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
 photo 1_zps6459b92b.png