Monday, March 25, 2013

A very windy Sunday afternoon!

A very windy Sunday afternoon, indeed! I am surprised Jack did not fly away. Seriously, the winds gave my hair a whole new meaning to the word wind blown... :) The kiddos played hard on the playground, for almost an hour before Pop's arrived...we then headed over to the baseball fields, where they ran the bases and explored the dugouts. All in due time Harrell boys...We kicked around the soccer ball and enjoyed the sunshine and warmth on our skin. This family is READY FOR SUMMER!
 photo DSC_0137_zps1f5cf875.jpg
 photo DSC_0138_zps4a357791.jpg
 photo DSC_0145_zpsc0e3e4b4.jpg
 photo DSC_0147_zps32cb08ff.jpg

Love these pics for some reason...
 photo DSC_0151_zps55e3dd56.jpg
 photo DSC_0154_zps6d1a3ea9.jpg

Thank you Pop's for treating us to ice cream after the park!!
 photo 4_zpsabd26705.png