Monday, March 11, 2013

Let the games begin!

We have finally arrived at sports time. Todd wanted to wait until the boys were around 4 1/2 to start any sport, so we are starting with soccer!

This Saturday, the Spring soccer league started by having a tryout/meet & greet with all of the players and coaches. The boys got to run different drills and the coaches took note to each kids skill level. (They do this so they can "even out" each team with the varying of skills.) Poor JackJack wanted to be right in the mix of things...he wanted to run the drills, kick the ball and stand with his big bros... :(

They were so excited and listened very attentively and followed every direction...It is too cute to watch their different little personalties shine through. Wade appears more cautious, watching others to follow their lead. Brody appears to have a competitive spirit, wanting to be the lead.
 photo DSC_0046_zps093ef1ed.jpg

Wade in Action!
 photo 2_zpsfa002bdd.png

Brody in action!
 photo 3_zps8e8b07d3.png

We had not purchased cleats before the Saturday tryouts, so they were super pumped to buy all of their soccer gear afterwards. They, of course, picked the loudest, most flashy pair! (Brody actually picked out a blue/green pair at first...equally as flashy, but after trying them on again at home, they just didn't fit back to Hibbett's we went, where he ended up choosing the same pair as Wade.)
 photo cleat_zps00ad0ca4.jpg

The rest of the weekend was spent park hopping:
 photo 6_zps81990617.png

Where Jack rode his first merry go round...

Practicing soccer, of course...
 photo 5_zps7d0676f8.png

Playing in the front yard...
 photo 4_zps0553cdb7.png

And lots and lots of family time. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
 photo 1_zps6459b92b.png