Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mid Week Ramblings

Nana offered to pick Jack up from school on Wednesday afternoons, so that both Todd and I can attend the boys soccer practice. (I am not able to go on Mondays because it is from 6:30p - 7:30p, and Jack's bedtime is at 7:00p...). I will tell ya, it was wonderful to be able to sit back in a lawn chair, watch Brody and Wade practice and not chase around a toddler that wants to be part of their every move.

Oh, and did I mention that I am in love with natural light? Dusk, is by far, my favorite time of the day. Especially on a chilly, sunny evening...
 photo 5_zps118e707b.png
 photo 4_zpsd1d2b54c.png

The little Hipsh gals:
 photo 6_zpsf8721b6b.png

During a water break, Mr. Larry stepped in as goalie, and Campbell scored!!
 photo DSC_0193_zpsdc42204c.jpg

Then, Coach Phillip had them pair off, fight for the ball and defend each other. First up, Campbell vs. Wade:

She kicks....
 photo DSC_0183_zps2a2ee231.jpg

He blocked!
 photo DSC_0184_zpse5730387.jpg

He then put twin against twin...
 photo DSC_0186_zps47271fb0.jpg

Here comes the B-man....
 photo DSC_0187_zpsbab4c737.jpg

And, he actually scored against Wade, but I was too busy cheering to capture the shot!!
 photo DSC_0190_zps7b222bc8.jpg

After soccer practice, we headed over to Nana and Gator's for Easter dinner and Easter baskets! We had ham and green beans and mac-n-cheese and the boys all time favorite, crescent rolls. (We will be in MacClenny visiting Great Grandmother for Easter Sunday this year, so we had to celebrate early!)
 photo 7_zps558bd5b3.png

I turned around for one second.....oh Jack...
 photo DSC_0207_zps51ef1440.jpg

And Nana finally completed the tree skirt she made me for took longer than she expected. It is an heirloom that I will be able to pass down someday. It is beautiful and intricate and incredibly special to me! Thank you Mom!
 photo DSC_0206_zps044cde08.jpg

Just a few school pics from their week so far...(I have muted out a few faces of the little ones, because I do not know their parents and do not know how they feel about their children on a public Internet blog)
 photo 2_zpsdff7c3c5.png
 photo 3_zps5b5b53a2.png
 photo 1_zps84ad6281.png
Happy Easter Everyone!