Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at school!

The boys school had their annual Easter Egg hunt last Thursday! The babies, ones and twos came out first and then, after re-stocking the egg supply, the threes, fours and fives came out! (It is getting harder and harder for me to post pics from school events, because I do not want to post someone else's child without their permission. I am only able to post a few this time, because all of their little friends are with them in their pics! I have so many good ones, too...)

Jack had a blast on his first real hunt. After he realized that the eggs were filled with goodies, he immediately stopped hunting and began snacking :) His favorite were the goldfish! It was wonderful watching him interact with his little classmates. He was always sharing his snacks, helping them find eggs and giving hugs to everyone!
 photo 3_zps09701e20.png

Then, out came the bigger kiddos...the ones that are competitive and filled with so much excitement that they can hardly contain themselves!

Wade doesn't like candy, but enjoyed collecting as many eggs as he could! I think he ate one sucker and gave the rest to his brothers. (Lucky kids!) He kept coming up to me every couple of minutes to show me how many he had collected. He was so proud! (I still cannot scrub off that darn tattoo on his cheek!!!! The sucker will not come off!)
 photo 2_zpsc98a9512.png

B-man was flying all over the place, grinning and laughing the whole time. He wanted as much loot as possible! Seriously, every single time I looked his way, he was darting from one spot to the next...
 photo 1_zps0cda8df9.png
A great time was had by all! I love their school so much!
 photo 4_zps0bd4c056.png
 photo 5_zpsa6ea185f.png

Later that evening, we just relaxed, the boys munched on pizza and we all went to sleep that night, excited to leave for Great Grandmothers the next morning...
 photo 6_zpsc5cad716.png