Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter weekend at Grandmothers!

Their was no school on Friday, so we loaded up the family and headed over to spend Easter weekend with Grandmother, Uncle Andy and Aunt Marilyn in MacClenny!

When we arrived, the boys needed to let off some energy from our 4 hour road trip. What better way than to start off a weekend with a good old fashioned game of Hide-n-seek in Grandmothers huge backyard...Do you see Todd hiding in the tree? I nearly died when I finally spotted him. There he was, just standing up in the middle of a tree!
 photo 1_zpseadb5c15.png
 photo 11_zps78be5624.png

After a homemade spaghetti meal and a good nights rest, we ventured out to the Jacksonville Zoo bright and early Saturday morning! (It happened to be the annual Easter egg hunt at the zoo that day...we thought it was going to be super crowded, but it ended up working out in our favor, because while 90% of the people were at the hunt, we were enjoying the animals, virtually crowd free!) Todd had the great idea to head straight the giraffe exhibit, where you get to feed them...The boys absolutely loved this. We were not even a foot away from the giraffes. Brody fed them numerous lettuce leaves, Wade wanted to so badly but could not muster up the courage to actually do it and Jack stayed in the background with Daddy.
 photo 3_zps1e45986f.png

This is what I dealt with pretty much the entire time we were there..."Mommy, up!" and "Jack not sit, Jack walk!" Little man is relentless!!
 photo DSC_0040_zps52049118.jpg

We had an absolute ball exploring the park and learning about all of the animals!
 photo 2_zps4328e14b.png
 photo 4_zpse1476291.png

Later that evening, we colored Easter eggs...
 photo 5_zpsec01fe18.png
 photo 6_zps2df6749b.png
 photo 7_zps6ff2b54f.png
 photo 8_zps52c19468.png

Wade absolutely loved this activity...sweet boy!
 photo DSC_0081_zpsa283b603.jpg

And helped Andy in his garden. Somewhere in between coloring eggs, making dinner and playing outside, Wade fell really hard and scraped his entire knee up. He was in such pain...broke my heart, so if you see a few pics where he is sad, it's because of his knee :( (This is the type of scrape that will leave a you will always look back on and tell the story of how you fell at Grandmother's). GrandDad would have been so proud of their garden skills!
 photo 9_zpsbb875d44.png
 photo 10_zpsbc449c10.png

Easter morning, the boys were so excited to see what the Easter bunny left them and for the Easter egg hunt! (Buckley and Miller enjoyed a little egg hunt of their own...I think they managed to eat 4 of the real eggs before Todd was able to bring them inside. Buckley even smuggled one inside with him, in his mouth!)
 photo 12_zpsd33e1648.png
 photo 13_zpsd60e457e.png
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 photo 15_zps39b56835.png

Power to my peeps!! :)
 photo DSC_0128_zpsddd69a6d.jpg

We were even able to visit GrandDad's grave and leave a beautiful Easter lily for him. Brody kissed his grave site twice as we were leaving, unprompted. Talk about touching his Daddy's heart...
 photo GrandDad_zps0125c76f.jpg

Thank you Grandmother, Uncle Andy and Aunt Marilyn for spoiling us all weekend long and helping us to create memories we will never forget!!