Friday, April 26, 2013

Recent school pics

Jack found a worm and the big boys tuning their fine motor skills:
 photo 8_zps97bcdd45.png

The Big Kid Classroom, split up into groups for a project:
 photo 7_zps630822af.png

Jack showing off his boo-boo, getting ready for his nap and being silly:
 photo 6_zpsa2f38171.png

Wade playing solo and Jack painting with spaghetti:
 photo 5_zps39aa2d76.png

Alayna and Jack reunited, after being apart for over a week and breakfast outside:
 photo 4_zpsfed319ff.png

Growing vegetables in the big kid class and Jack being sweet:
 photo 3_zps22d72a0a.png

Wade making waffle iron art and B-man sorting, counting and using fine motor skills:
 photo 2_zps88fcb431.png

Morning baking for the whole school and Jack and friends sorting shapes:
 photo 1_zps1f68cad1.png

I LOVE their school and I am so excited that Brody and Wade will be there for another year....!!! :)