Monday, March 30, 2009

Taking a break from eating dinner!

I had to get the camcorder out and record how noisy our boys are during meals times!! Enjoy :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun at Nana's

Nana called me the other night and invited the boys over for a couple of hours. Instead of toys, we gave them all different kinds of measuring cups, measuring spoons, plastic baggies, tupperware...and they had a blast!!

Brody positioned the giraffe toy between his mouth and the highchair so it would stay still and he could play with the rings! Pretty smart, heh?

Nana and her boys They are sitting up really is a whole new world!This is the first time they have ever taken a bath together! Lets just say that me and my mom were soaked when the bath was done! Tons of splashing...they had a blast!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Professional Pictures

Here are the professional pics we had taken of the boys today! A good friend of ours, Lynnette Jay, is a professional photographer and took the pics for us at her studio. We had such a good time and it ended up taking 2 1/2 hours...ya know, between naps and bottles and changing diapers! I told her to send me ALL of the there are 208 pics!

Go to
click on: order online
choose the event: Brody and Wade
Enter your email address and the password is Carly


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pool time baby!

Uncle Scott, Aunt Allie and Cousin Caden decided last minute to pack up the car and head to SanDestin for the weekend. They stayed at the Hilton, which has an indoor pool, with the water just the perfect temperature for introducing the boys to the swimming pool for the first time! The absolutely loved it. Brody kicked and "swam" and splashed everyone within 5 feet of him, including whacking Mommy in the face out of excitement!! Wade was more laid back, very surprising..., and spent the majority of the time belly laughing at Cousin Caden and sticking his whole hand in his mouth. (We think he laughed at Caden because he has never seen a little boy with that much hair!! haha) The boys wore their cute little sear sucker swim suits from Natalie with the little swimmer diaper underneath. FYI: the swimming diapers do not hold pee you know all of the babies that were in the pool with us were just peeing away. We were swimming in it, Wade sucking it off of his hands and Brody splashing us in the face with pee water. Oh was a blast!!Putting the boys under...I have read about the benefits of doing this at an early age...gets them used to the water and their natural breath holding kicks in. Wade didn't even notice that he went under and Brody looked a little shocked, but smiled within 1 second!!

Wade taking his first dive: B-man swimming All 3 baby Harrell boys All done swimming and READY for bottles!!Wade is becoming more and more mobile as the days go by...lots of scooting and rolling and already getting into cabinets! He rolled back to the entertainment center and opened the cabinet! Hi Mom, whats up? I didn't open that was Brody! A couple of cute pics from this past week:
Brody has started power rolling now< id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5316085919561536178" style="DISPLAY: block; MARGIN: 0px auto 10px; WIDTH: 400px; CURSOR: hand; HEIGHT: 300px; TEXT-ALIGN: center" alt="" src="" border="0">Stroller rides are still a favorite with the boys. Our nanny Ms. Margaret has been out of town, so I stayed home with the boys for most of last week...needless to say, we walked 6 1/2 miles one of the days and 8 miles the next! They never make a sound and love to look at everything!Our good friends, the Wesson's, had us over for burgers and hot dogs....and formula, I guess :) on Thursday night and we all really enjoyed playing with the babies!Since Scott and Allie were in town, we arranged for our very first babysitter (besides our parents or Ms. Margaret) to come in and watch the boys for the night! Here is a pic of their first babysitter, Danielle "Dani". She did an amazing job!

Monday, March 16, 2009

7 months old

We are in love with our Nana for staying up with us all night on Saturday, miss our Ganty Lowie with all of our hearts and cannot wait to see our sweetest Grammy on Wednesday.............and we are 7 months old...woohoo!

Check out my teeth!

It's that camera thing again...look at my pretty eyes! Hi Momma! I still look cute as can be with food all over my face Here we are!! Daddy is still asleep but we are WIDE awake!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last day as a 6 month old!!

The boys seem to be changing every single day...6 months old has treated them well! They will be 7 months old tomorrow! Woohhoooo!

Here are just a few exciting milestones we are hitting and little quirks:

-They both know their name, most of the time
-Brody says "dadadadadada" indiscriminately
-Wade dropped his toy and reached for Nana last night
-They both can sit unassisted, toppling over after a few...
-They are both scooting backwards
-Wade is rolling all over the place and Brody is "swimming" in place
-They are starting to stop what they are doing when you say "no", but they go right back to what they were doing!! I guess they are starting to distinguish emotions in peoples voices
-Brody HATES it when you wipe his face or nose
-Brody says "mmmmm" after almost every bite of food
-Wade is very good with his hands and can seem to figure everything out quickly

We will introduce finger foods this month and start encouraging water out of the sippy cup. I am so incredibly excited to take them to the beach this summer. Look what they have to look forward to!

Nana came over to hang with me and the boys, while Todd and Uncle Dave went to dinner. Here are some cute pics of our evening(It is getting harder and harder to capture smiles, because they immediately stop what they are doing and stare at the camera and start grabbing at it):

Pics of the boys after dinner, which consists of 2 tubs of fruits and 2 tubs of veggies...and if they are really hungry, 3 of each! They are already such big eaters and whine and whimper when I do not shovel it in fast enough. Todd and I are in trouble!!

Check out what we go through in about a week...not counting 5 bottles a day for each boy:
Mommy and B-man playing
Nana and Brody bath time Crazy peanut Wade Brody swimming See that silly look we get when the camera is pulled out! haha Wade looks confused... Wade is about to take off crawling

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We decided, spur of the moment on Friday morning, to head over to Tallahassee...AGAIN! As much as we travel there, we should have a second home! Not much new to post, so I will share my favorite pics of the boys and their friends from this weekend:

Wade and his killer grin, and brother Brody's finger in his ear...
Brody and his bright blue eyes

The boy's took turns riding on Cole's swing. As you can tell, they loved it! Look at Wade's 2 new teeth! B-man loving on Mommy The boys and cousin Caden

Cousin Caden

The Garber's had a party on Saturday for adults and kiddos to celebrate the warm weather...check out some of our friends!

Little Miss Bailey...4 days old!! I think she looks just like her Momma

Aunt Jin Jin, Bobby and Brody Big boy Cole Todd, Brian and the boys Natalie and all 3 boys Big boy Crew! Michele, Sydney and Brody Big boy Joshua!