Thursday, March 12, 2009

Last day as a 6 month old!!

The boys seem to be changing every single day...6 months old has treated them well! They will be 7 months old tomorrow! Woohhoooo!

Here are just a few exciting milestones we are hitting and little quirks:

-They both know their name, most of the time
-Brody says "dadadadadada" indiscriminately
-Wade dropped his toy and reached for Nana last night
-They both can sit unassisted, toppling over after a few...
-They are both scooting backwards
-Wade is rolling all over the place and Brody is "swimming" in place
-They are starting to stop what they are doing when you say "no", but they go right back to what they were doing!! I guess they are starting to distinguish emotions in peoples voices
-Brody HATES it when you wipe his face or nose
-Brody says "mmmmm" after almost every bite of food
-Wade is very good with his hands and can seem to figure everything out quickly

We will introduce finger foods this month and start encouraging water out of the sippy cup. I am so incredibly excited to take them to the beach this summer. Look what they have to look forward to!

Nana came over to hang with me and the boys, while Todd and Uncle Dave went to dinner. Here are some cute pics of our evening(It is getting harder and harder to capture smiles, because they immediately stop what they are doing and stare at the camera and start grabbing at it):

Pics of the boys after dinner, which consists of 2 tubs of fruits and 2 tubs of veggies...and if they are really hungry, 3 of each! They are already such big eaters and whine and whimper when I do not shovel it in fast enough. Todd and I are in trouble!!

Check out what we go through in about a week...not counting 5 bottles a day for each boy:
Mommy and B-man playing
Nana and Brody bath time Crazy peanut Wade Brody swimming See that silly look we get when the camera is pulled out! haha Wade looks confused... Wade is about to take off crawling