Friday, September 27, 2013

Just s few random pics...

Random pics and a video from the good old iPhone...

You obviously do not need to fit a bike to ride it...
 photo 2_zps6f75bca4.png

Jack eats a smoothie...

B-man's second dentist cavities!! (Wade...well, he kinda opted out this time. Takes after his Daddy and dislikes the dentist. Got up in the chair and got right back out. I am going to make him an appointment at a pediatric dentist and see if that will help. Thank goodness he brushes twice a day and loves to do mouthwash!)
Yay Brody!!
 photo photo1_zpsa9bb8934.jpg

Jack gets himself a little snack...just a few goldfish to tide him over until dinner.
 photo 1_zpsaeef8e37.png

And, bathtime shenanigans. You know, when you take a pic, and you realize you just captured something really good? Yeah, that was one of these moments. This pics screams childhood to me...Captures their boyhood...still innocent and goofy and not a care in the world. Too bad I didn't take this with my Nikon!!
 photo photo4_zps95c0a8ac.jpg

Happy Friday Y'all!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bowling in the Tuck

Saturday was rainy and dreary, all day long. Cooped up kiddos still need that release of energy, so we went bowling with the Wood family (surprise, surprise....these Harrell/Wood adventures are a blast)! I think this is one activity that the children and adults have the same amount of fun…Helen Back pizza, cold beer, arcade games and rolling a ball to knock down pins. I highly recommend this activity for ALL ages! :)

It is always good to warm up your bowling arms with a good game of Air Hockey:
 photo 3_zpscdb087f6.png

 photo 4_zpsda21e946.png

And to stay loose with basketball, driving cars and jet skiing:
 photo 6_zps220ece6a.png

 photo 2_zps1687365e.png

A VERY rare sighting of Jack without his hat. He must of had too much Sprite. My sweet baby boy and his out of control, curly hair.
 photo 5_zps218ea601.png

And then, the main event. It was filled with lot's of dancing and high fives and sneaking in bites of pizza between throwing strikes.
 photo 8_zps7bd53b50.png

 photo 7_zps9d714151.png

 photo 9_zps62ff7800.png

Thank you Drew, Stacey, Grason and Cooper for coming up North to the Tuck. It's always an adventure!!!!

As soon as we walked in the door, I made the boys wash away all of the germs from the bowling alley...just think about it...(B-man opted to take a shower, in peace. Can't say I blame him.)
 photo 1_zpse7af366e.png

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1st soccer game of Fall 2013 season

We are thrilled to have signed up Brody and Wade with the Destin soccer league this season. They are incredibly organized, everyone is friendly and Coach Dave is great with the kiddos! For the league that they are in, there are no goalies...makes it more accesible for the kids to actually score goals and learn to dribble up and down the field. The actual field is smaller than the FWB fields and the game is only 4 quarters, each 5 lasting minutes. Perfect for kiddos that have attention spans of flies. :) Their team, the Destin Dolphins (Wood and Associates) consists 10 kids...5 of which are best buds! So cute watching them play together!

 photo 10_zpse05176a3.png

The honorary team members...Jack and Emery! They even let Jack sit on the bench with them during the whole game...he even warmed up with sweet! Emery was having a hard time keeping that bow in place...hahaha
 photo 8_zpsac035aa9.png

 photo 5_zpsdd65e8c5.png

 photo 6_zps7636a3be.png

Both boys are having a ball on the field...Brody is still incredibly enthusiastic and Wade is showing so much more spirit, more engaged and more outgoing. This team is a lot more structured...just what the Harrell boys need...
 photo 7_zps7f36b0c2.png

 photo 9_zpsbe7bbde6.png

Open house

Last week, we had Open House at the boys Preschool. This is the last year our 2 big boys will be at the school that they have been at since they were 16 months old!! Todd opted to stay at home each night, with the sibling who didn't have the open house, so I could spend that special time each night with the boys. Thank you T!

Jack's open house was pretty calm...we discussed their daily routine, sang songs, talked about the importance of centers and learning through play...It was wonderful! I was not able to take many pictures of Jack during circle time or while he was showing me around his classroom because he demanded my full attention :)
 photo 2_zps033a8d1a.png

With Wade and Brody's open house, I was able to hang in the background, while they demonstrated their daily routine...and watched how their little personalities navigated them to opposite directions of their classroom. The counted, by 10's, to 100...they showed me what the difference is between absorb and repel...they walked me to each and every center and even had me do a painting with a cork craft... It was a special time for me!
 photo 3_zps6a91db32.png

 photo 4_zpsaca7d831.png

Divide and conquer

Typically, when we arrive home on a work/school day, it is pretty chaotic. Dinner is being prepped, laundry is started/folded/switched, demands are being made, whines are being heard and seem amplified, dogs need to be fed, shoes need to be tied…all within the first 30 minutes. Typically, both Todd and get frustrated or agitated…probably adding to the demands and whines we are hearing from our children. They haven’t seen us all day and want (need) our attention.

Thankfully, we have learned, over a long road, that what seems to work best for our little clan is to divide and conquer. One of us takes the boys outside to ride bikes or practice baseball (typically Todd), while the other one cooks…

One of my favorite times of the day ends up being when we all sit down at the table…but, that happiness seems to fade quickly when someone immediately states how they “do not like what is on my plate” or “he has the cup/fork/plate I wanted” or how they all seem to get up 15 million times throughout the meal, to go potty or dance or run or skip or pout. Life with 3 boys, 5 and under will make you keep tequila in your freezer. Alas, we continue our nightly ritual of struggling bonding over dinner.

A few shots of practicing with Daddy...
 photo 1_zps914c863d.png

Monday, September 23, 2013

Super Breakfast

Super excited about our new smoothies we are making for the (almost) entire family. Purchased a blender that gets the job done...literally blends and crushes everything you put in it, within a matter of seconds. Brody and Jack have no idea all of the goodness they are ingesting...sneaky little chef, I am!! Just wish that Wade wasn't so picky :( He will not even try a sip. I will keep offering, in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, one day he will surprise us and take a sip. Baby steps...

Our typical smoothie consists of all organic ingredients:
100% antioxidant juice blend
cold milled flax seed
chia seeds
coconut oil
blue agave
mixture of fruits...typically frozen bluberries, frozen strawberries and a banana
greek, vanilla bean yogurt

Yummy Yummy!!!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Go Noles!

The day finally came...the day Todd has been waiting on since he found out we were having twin boys...we took Brody and Wade to their first FSU football game! My Mom graciously watched JackJack for us...thank you Mom!! So, after dropping him off, filling up the cooler and the tank with gas, we set out towards Tally for the FSU v. Nevada game.

We drove them all through campus, showing off where Daddy played baseball, where Mommys sorority house was, the fountain, my old freshman dorm, the college of, the memories came flooding back! Watching all of the frat boys and the dolled up sorority girls, made me chuckle and realize just how old we really are. We used to be those young, not a care in the world "students". They have been tailgaiting since Thursday night and will continue until their heads hit the pillow in the early Sunday morning
 photo 17_zpsa8850f8e.png

 photo 18_zps400ffc8c.png

Every game I have attended since college, we have always had a parking pass, University Club tix or Grill seats. This past weekend we rolled into town, in our mini van....sigh....parked behind the Bank of America and met up with the Wood family! We bought the boys new hats/visors and new footballs and we were all set!

Teaching them the importance of tailgaiting at a young age.
 photo 1_zps8e85d3af.png

 photo 2_zps03311718.png

 photo 3_zps76989667.png

 photo 4_zps0ebfa741.png

Walking up to Doak and playing on the green...
 photo 5_zps6a8f02c6.png

 photo 6_zps528b6b28.png

 photo 7_zps59db92b3.png

Introducing them to college footballs #1 mascot...Osceola and Renegade!
 photo 8_zpscb056a55.png

We had such a great time with the Wood clan, as always!! The boys lasted until the end of the 3rd quarter. Pretty good, considering it was 150 degrees outside and a sauna in the stadium...this Momma does not do well in the heat :) The boys asked immediately upon leaving Tallahassee, when the next game was.
 photo 9_zpsd6ed1a31.png

 photo 11_zpsee90d972.png

 photo 10_zpsded6311e.png

 photo 12_zps806d29ea.png
You’ve got to fight, fight, fight, for FSU
You’ve got to scalp ‘em Seminoles;
You’ve got to win, win, win, win win this game
And roll on down and make those goals
For FSU is on the warpath now,
and at the battle’s end she’s great
So fight, fight, fight, fight to victory,
our Seminoles from Florida State.

Thank you again Nanny and Gator for spoiling the youngest. We have a rule...that you have to be 5 to enter through the gates of Doak. So, thank goodness Jack loves spending time with y'all!! (Side note...My mom has always been 'Nana'...ever since the twins were born. Well, around a year ago, they started calling her Nanny it is!)

Nanny just became a certified Red Cross swim instructor, so she used her newly aquired skills on the perfect candidate...Jack! (She is working on teaching him how to float)
 photo 16_zps2571109f.png

Before she realized it, they had ended up spending 3+ hours in the pool! Little dude was slap wore out!
 photo 15_zpsa143f921.png

After church Sunday morning, we spent a good 1/2 hour washing off all of the love bugs from our trip back and forth to Tallahassee on I-10. They are out in full effect and are swarming our every move. I love how the boys think that everyday chores are fun and exciting...they actually beg to help vacuum, sort laundry, etc...They will learn the truth soon enough. Might as well take FULL advantage of the cheap, whine-less help while we can.
 photo 13_zpsf01fecc0.png

Later that evening, the house was strangely quiet. I finally found all 4 guys...heads together, building legos. Can you imagine if we would have had 3 girls, just how different this very picture would be?? hehe
 photo 14_zpsf452fc7f.png

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last 2 pictures!

Whoa...we have been busy!! Trying to fit in as much summer as we possibly can, before daylight shines less and less and the cold forces us indoors. I will walk you through our jam packed last 2 weeks of summer!

We have spent a lot of time at the beach, where the water color finally turned back to the emerald green/blue waters that we are used to...
 photo 4_zpsd2150845.png

Sweet boy will not even take off his hat while swimming!
 photo 5_zps71cf1c9b.png

 photo 17_zps666cb207.png

 photo 19_zpscab339c6.png

 photo 18_zps7dadd181.png

Lots and lots of playdate at the Woods' pool...
 photo 3_zpsdbad86bc.png

 photo 2_zps5ea3bddd.png

 photo 1_zps2c1d9ec5.png

 photo 2_zps78dea8f5.png

And in their front yard :)
 photo 3_zpsb6775ffc.png

On the left, you have reality. On the right, you have posed...hehehe
 photo 4_zpsfa859171.png

And playing with their toys...Wade was in heaven, wearing Grayson's Bumblebee costume and Brody loves, loves, loves they were extremely content...
 photo 8_zpsac497948.png

And at the Tuckey pool...Jack has absolutely no fear and wants to jump "Again!" and "Again!", with or without his floatie.
 photo 1_zpsec530222.png

It's football season baby!! We are actually taking Brody and Wade to their first FSU football game this coming weekend...they are so excited!!
 photo 6_zps88c03bf7.png

I 'Moustache' you a question...
 photo 1_zpseff19e63.png

1st practice of the fall soccer season! Finally, on a team with all of their little buds. The rat pack...
 photo 13_zpsb800e42e.png

 photo 15_zpsa884d147.png

 photo 14_zpse61efc03.png

 photo 16_zps66a5a7d1.png

Jack had inflammed meobian glands(stye's)in his left eye and was soaking in a bath due to 18+ red ant bites (not in the same week, thank goodness)...It's tough being 2!
 photo 10_zps367bbf12.png

Brody and Wade wrote thank you notes to all of their family and friends for the massive amount of birthday gifts they received...Gotta teach them young!
 photo 7_zps4eaa2b51.png

We popped in at the Armament museum one Sunday before church...
 photo 11_zps415c4300.png
We have finally found a church that feels like home. The message seems to speak directly to us each week and they have a great children's/youth win!

And spent the last day of the season at Big Kahuna's celebrating Labor Day!
 photo 12_zps2c39987f.png

And have been eating lots of popsicles and sno-cones to stay cool...
 photo 9_zps288547ac.png

A few short videos...

Jack hitting the ball in the garage, because it was lightning outside:

Wade being silly:

Jack being silly:

And Brody singing a part of their newest, favorite song:

I am so excited for pumpkins, sweaters, jeans, roaring fires and everything that fall brings!!