Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Open house

Last week, we had Open House at the boys Preschool. This is the last year our 2 big boys will be at the school that they have been at since they were 16 months old!! Todd opted to stay at home each night, with the sibling who didn't have the open house, so I could spend that special time each night with the boys. Thank you T!

Jack's open house was pretty calm...we discussed their daily routine, sang songs, talked about the importance of centers and learning through play...It was wonderful! I was not able to take many pictures of Jack during circle time or while he was showing me around his classroom because he demanded my full attention :)
 photo 2_zps033a8d1a.png

With Wade and Brody's open house, I was able to hang in the background, while they demonstrated their daily routine...and watched how their little personalities navigated them to opposite directions of their classroom. The counted, by 10's, to 100...they showed me what the difference is between absorb and repel...they walked me to each and every center and even had me do a painting with a cork craft... It was a special time for me!
 photo 3_zps6a91db32.png

 photo 4_zpsaca7d831.png