Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last 2 weeks...in pictures!

Whoa...we have been busy!! Trying to fit in as much summer as we possibly can, before daylight shines less and less and the cold forces us indoors. I will walk you through our jam packed last 2 weeks of summer!

We have spent a lot of time at the beach, where the water color finally turned back to the emerald green/blue waters that we are used to...
 photo 4_zpsd2150845.png

Sweet boy will not even take off his hat while swimming!
 photo 5_zps71cf1c9b.png

 photo 17_zps666cb207.png

 photo 19_zpscab339c6.png

 photo 18_zps7dadd181.png

Lots and lots of playdate at the Woods' pool...
 photo 3_zpsdbad86bc.png

 photo 2_zps5ea3bddd.png

 photo 1_zps2c1d9ec5.png

 photo 2_zps78dea8f5.png

And in their front yard :)
 photo 3_zpsb6775ffc.png

On the left, you have reality. On the right, you have posed...hehehe
 photo 4_zpsfa859171.png

And playing with their toys...Wade was in heaven, wearing Grayson's Bumblebee costume and Brody loves, loves, loves music...so they were extremely content...
 photo 8_zpsac497948.png

And at the Tuckey pool...Jack has absolutely no fear and wants to jump "Again!" and "Again!", with or without his floatie.
 photo 1_zpsec530222.png

It's football season baby!! We are actually taking Brody and Wade to their first FSU football game this coming weekend...they are so excited!!
 photo 6_zps88c03bf7.png

I 'Moustache' you a question...
 photo 1_zpseff19e63.png

1st practice of the fall soccer season! Finally, on a team with all of their little buds. The rat pack...
 photo 13_zpsb800e42e.png

 photo 15_zpsa884d147.png

 photo 14_zpse61efc03.png

 photo 16_zps66a5a7d1.png

Jack had inflammed meobian glands(stye's)in his left eye and was soaking in a bath due to 18+ red ant bites (not in the same week, thank goodness)...It's tough being 2!
 photo 10_zps367bbf12.png

Brody and Wade wrote thank you notes to all of their family and friends for the massive amount of birthday gifts they received...Gotta teach them young!
 photo 7_zps4eaa2b51.png

We popped in at the Armament museum one Sunday before church...
 photo 11_zps415c4300.png
We have finally found a church that feels like home. The message seems to speak directly to us each week and they have a great children's/youth program...win win!

And spent the last day of the season at Big Kahuna's celebrating Labor Day!
 photo 12_zps2c39987f.png

And have been eating lots of popsicles and sno-cones to stay cool...
 photo 9_zps288547ac.png

A few short videos...

Jack hitting the ball in the garage, because it was lightning outside:

Wade being silly:

Jack being silly:

And Brody singing a part of their newest, favorite song:

I am so excited for pumpkins, sweaters, jeans, roaring fires and everything that fall brings!!