Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1st soccer game of Fall 2013 season

We are thrilled to have signed up Brody and Wade with the Destin soccer league this season. They are incredibly organized, everyone is friendly and Coach Dave is great with the kiddos! For the league that they are in, there are no goalies...makes it more accesible for the kids to actually score goals and learn to dribble up and down the field. The actual field is smaller than the FWB fields and the game is only 4 quarters, each 5 lasting minutes. Perfect for kiddos that have attention spans of flies. :) Their team, the Destin Dolphins (Wood and Associates) consists 10 kids...5 of which are best buds! So cute watching them play together!

 photo 10_zpse05176a3.png

The honorary team members...Jack and Emery! They even let Jack sit on the bench with them during the whole game...he even warmed up with sweet! Emery was having a hard time keeping that bow in place...hahaha
 photo 8_zpsac035aa9.png

 photo 5_zpsdd65e8c5.png

 photo 6_zps7636a3be.png

Both boys are having a ball on the field...Brody is still incredibly enthusiastic and Wade is showing so much more spirit, more engaged and more outgoing. This team is a lot more structured...just what the Harrell boys need...
 photo 7_zps7f36b0c2.png

 photo 9_zpsbe7bbde6.png