Friday, September 27, 2013

Just s few random pics...

Random pics and a video from the good old iPhone...

You obviously do not need to fit a bike to ride it...
 photo 2_zps6f75bca4.png

Jack eats a smoothie...

B-man's second dentist cavities!! (Wade...well, he kinda opted out this time. Takes after his Daddy and dislikes the dentist. Got up in the chair and got right back out. I am going to make him an appointment at a pediatric dentist and see if that will help. Thank goodness he brushes twice a day and loves to do mouthwash!)
Yay Brody!!
 photo photo1_zpsa9bb8934.jpg

Jack gets himself a little snack...just a few goldfish to tide him over until dinner.
 photo 1_zpsaeef8e37.png

And, bathtime shenanigans. You know, when you take a pic, and you realize you just captured something really good? Yeah, that was one of these moments. This pics screams childhood to me...Captures their boyhood...still innocent and goofy and not a care in the world. Too bad I didn't take this with my Nikon!!
 photo photo4_zps95c0a8ac.jpg

Happy Friday Y'all!