Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Boys.

JDH at 2 years, 4 months...
Oh Jack. Jack Jack. Jick. The Jickers. Jackie or Jack-E. Ricky Ticky. You, my baby, are still nuts. You are always “coming in hot” and extremely loud. When we go over bridges, you scream, “MAMA….LOOK! BOATS!!! WATEY!!! MAMA LOOK! I LOVE BOATS! MAMA. MAMA. ARE YOU LOOKING? I LIKE BOATS!!” (You still like to call water, ‘watey’, and we do not correct you, as we should, because it is just so darn cute!) You live your life in all caps. That pretty much sums you up. You giggle with all of your heart, without any care in the world. I am thankful for those giggles which fill our home and my heart with joy. I wish that I could keep you little for forever…but you are growing and learning, faster than I can keep up. Right now you are a beautiful mix of big boy and baby, all wrapped up in out of control curls and curious eyes. You love to sing songs, like to have three different snacks available at all times, and prefer to not ever change your clothes. Your day has not started until you have on a full outfit…socks, shoes and your hat are most important. You will only wear your straggly, old grey New Balances and you flat out refuse to wear a collared shirt. I finally said to heck with it and I let you pick out your own clothing each day. I love how your fingernails are full of dirt from your daily adventures and your shirts are usually colored with a mixture of dirt and food. When in a crowd, you shove your whole hand in your mouth, as you are cautious and not sure, and take quite a while to warm up to people. I think you are most happy when you are playing an activity, sport or whatever with your older brothers. You think you are five and even tell people when they ask you how old you are. And, you are the BOSS. Again, you think you are. And, most of the time, you are. Darlin’….like I have said before, you have brought us to levels of love and exhaustion and patience that we never knew existed. Thank you for keeping us on our toes…you are the one that will keep us forever young, sweet Jack-E!
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WAH at 5 years, 1 month...
Wade…sweet boy Wade. You are as sensitive as they come and make this Momma feel so loved. You love to curl up and still fit perfectly on my lap and chest. You are a Momma’s boy, through and through. You are already insanely stubborn…if you do not want to do something, you will not do it. Period. You love to figure things out and enjoy a challenge. You love all ‘techy’ devices and have been caught numerous times, sneaking your Nook under your covers or in your brothers tent, when you have been on restriction from it  You can build anything and everything out of Lego’s, that is, before Jack comes up and swipes a creation you just spent forever making. He always takes your things, by the way…You play alone, so well, and need time apart from our crazy family. And you give the sweetest hugs. At first you hesitate, waiting, waiting, waiting to feel safe enough and then your eyes light up and you run full speed ahead. You spring-jump-leap-pounce-pummel-into me until I sink back on the floor from the sudden weight of you. There is no half way. Parenting you has always been like this. You love all animals and insects and could study them for hours. You are hesitant and cautious and somewhat shy (but do not ever call him shy in front of him or his Daddy will backhand you…kidding…kind of), but once you feel comfortable, you give it all you have got. You are intelligent, yet gullible. You are loving, yet a loner at times. You are wild and free, yet timid and reserved. You are OUR Wade and I wouldn’t trade a second with you for anything…thank you for making us change our perspective on things, sweet Punky!
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BLH at 5 years, 1 month...
Brody…the B. BB. B-man. You are the sunshine in my life…always greeting me with a smile, but your little temper is shining through. You love to be the center of attention and are a real pleaser. You are easy going, roll with the punches and love to have a good time. You LOVE to be around lots of people, still love your bear and love watching “challenge shows” with Daddy. You get frustrated easily, but you are incredibly quick to turn your frown around, into a huge, contagious grin. You are spunky, hilarious and make the funniest, most expressive faces. You are determined to play every sport and be the best at all of them. I think you will excel in baseball…you could spend hours outside, with Daddy sitting on his bucket, practicing over and over and over again. You are most happy when we are proud of you and do not like to disappoint adults. You are a lover of life, wringing out every last drop before your sweet, big ol’ head hits the pillow each night. You have really taken a great interest in have always loved it, but have recently really gotten into it. You are always telling me to turn up the radio or begging to listen to music through our headphones. You are always inviting people to our house and on every outing we have planned. You love to be surrounded by family and friends! You could spend every single day swimming and love all things water. You dive head first into everything you do and ask questions later. You are mischievous, but innocent. You are always happy, but cry easily and roll your eyes often. You love to snuggle, wrestle, dance, sing, twirl, jump, run, glide and swim…You do not give up and do everything in your power to be first. I can always count on you to lift me up when skies are grey…I love you to infinity, sweet BB!
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