Saturday, June 29, 2013

I hate this. I have always been diligent about posting to my online baby journal for family near and far...and I have been failing as of lately!! There is just not enough time in the day. But, here I am, crawling back, hoping to create memories for all of my boys...

My mom kept B and W all weekend, so it left Todd and I alone to spoil the Jack Jack.....!!! Thank you so very much Nana!!

So, while we were loving on our youngest...
 photo 10_zpsfc30ba4a.png

Nana was spoiling the eldest...
 photo 9_zpsc63fda75.png

 photo 8_zpsdc17c62b.png

That weekend, we also held our 1st annual company picnic. It was wonderful, being able to spend one on one time with our 75+ CAREGiver's and our office staff. We are incredibly blessed to be able to say that we keep the elderly in their homes, as long as safely possible!
 photo 14_zpscac08cc8.png

Wade and Brody loving another dock to jump off of:
 photo 12_zps1703317f.png

 photo 13_zps00fd7bf9.png

Seriously..........I hope I look as amazingly beautiful as my mom when I am a grandmother!!!!
 photo 11_zps1a832d2b.png


Literally...2 minutes with the Harrell Boys.

They are always busy. I pull in from work and find Todd, cocktail in hand, rocking on the porch, with a huge smile across his face. Watching his boys relish in the joys of summertime. So carefree...

Wade begged to be sprayed in the face...And his brother's took full advantage :)
 photo 1_zps1c9ac79c.png

 photo 2_zps0600e87d.png

 photo 4_zps572a6388.png

Brody decided to find out just what all the fuss was about...
 photo 6_zps73ae4be8.png

And Jack, well, he was into everything, saggy shorts, soggy shoes and all...
 photo 3_zps5a1903a0.png

Poor little guy was attacked by mosquitoes earlier in the week and it seems as though he has quite the allergy. His entire eye swelled up with fluid for a few days and the bites on his legs turned into blisters :( He is on the mend in these pics!
 photo 5_zpsf21fdcfd.png

Life around our home is never dull.
 photo 7_zps4df2cfca.png

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Our baby is growing up.

He thinks he is 5. He runs the house. He is loud, funny, curious, brave and extremely lovable. And, quite the ham. This kid, he will move mountains one day. We have decided to keep him...

At his 2 year appointment: 31 lbs (80th percentile) and 34.75 inches (80th percentile)

 photo DSC_0143_zpsc421c4df.jpg

 photo DSC_0001_zps402f143d.jpg

Father's Day Weekend

We had the privilege of spoiling the world's greatest Dad all last weekend...Man, did we have some celebrating to do! The man that I am speaking of is my baby daddy...the one, the only, Senior Hairball aka Daddy. All joking aside, our 3 boys are blessed (way more than they will ever appreciate, until they are Father's themselves)with a Dad, that not only loves each one of them unconditionally, but continually teaches,provides, guides, nurtures, disciplines...helps in the mornings and with bedtime routines...dances and sings and chases...spends hours on end, trying to instill sportsmanship and humility...kisses boo-boo's and dries tears...loves this Momma with all of his might, always gushing how in love we are to them...respects, listens and tells them he loves them, numerous times a day. How did we all get to be so lucky? I will never know...Thank you Todd...I could not have asked for a better man, to be the father of our children. WE love you...Happy Father's Day!!

A look at the present and the days that have passed...

5th Father's Day 2013:

 photo DSC_0105_zpse7539306.jpg

 photo IMG_1685_zpsdc7f5f57.jpg

4th Father's Day 2012:

 photo PicMonkeyCollage4.png

 photo PicMonkeyCollage3.png

3rd Father's Day 2011:

 photo June2011Jack1-4weeksandBWalmost3136.jpg

 photo Jack8.jpg

2nd Father's Day 2010:

 photo 22mos_337_zps32db6993.jpg

 photo 22mos_315.jpg

1st Father's Day 2009:

 photo DSC_0191_zpsbf5350c7.jpg

Father's Day weekend started off with a celebration of all of the Dad's at the boys school...

 photo 11_zps4f48883c.png

The boys came by and picked me up from the office, and we headed to the Wesson's home... enjoyed pool time, hot dogs and hamburgers and smiles all around:

 photo 9-1_zps4399631d.png

 photo 8-1_zpse36a0fbe.png

 photo 10-1_zps3bd41832.png

 photo 7-1_zps957e6336.png

The next morning, we surprised Dad with breakfast and presents in bed and lazed around for the morning, and then decided to head out on another adventure...well, ya win some and you lose some :) We ventured out to Blue Springs in Marianna. Let's just say the only reason we stayed is the boys already saw all of the people playing in the water and there was no absolute way we were going to be able to leave without playing for a bit. We ventured over to one tiny, little corner and let the boys burn off energy. I have never seen more cans of Budweiser, beer bellies and women stuffed into bikini's in my life. Todd and I kept looking at each other smirking, and saying, "Well, at least the kids are having fun!"

 photo 4-1_zps01a0cd54.png

 photo 5-1_zpse67c4bef.png

 photo 6-1_zps8a058d2a.png

After quick showers, Todd, Brody and Wade headed out for dinner and a to see the movie Epic. They had a blast! Todd sent me this pic while they were eating dinner at the Ale House...

 photo IMG_20130615_174312_279_zps1ca2710a.jpg

Sunday, we made Daddy breakfast, he went back to bed for a bit and then we loaded up and headed to Maddox's 4th birthday party! Happy 4th birthday Maddox!

 photo 3-1_zpseef03a75.png

 photo 2-1_zps90bb0774.png

 photo 1-1_zpscdf0b5e5.png

All in all, we had a great weekend and enjoyed showing Daddy how much he is loved! Happy Father's Day Pop's and Gator and all of the other awesome Dad's!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saving on time...

We are the absolute busiest we have ever been at busy, that we just hired 2 new staff members! So, on top of a huge growth spurt, we are training 2 new team players to take HISC to the next level. Lot's going on at work...and at home! Guess the whole Work Hard - Play Hard Motto is proving to be true these days....

For the sake of saving on time, here is a whole conglomerate of "stuff" that's been happening with the Harrell Clan:

The Zoo Crew's last soccer game of the spring season. They finally scored (twice!!) and won their very last game! (We were incredibly blessed to have had Coach Phillip as B and W's 1st coach. He was kind and patient and tried to make everything a lot of fun for the kiddos! Come to find out, we had the leagues youngest team...with 7-four year olds and 3-five year olds :)

 photo 1_zpsff73078c.png

 photo 2_zps319f093b.png

 photo 3_zpsb4778843.png

 photo 4_zpscb063e41.png

 photo 5_zpsaaea4159.png

 photo 6_zps907f531b.png

Jack is learning to ride his new bike! Doesn't he look so big??

 photo 8_zps091a7842.png

And is looking cool as ever...

 photo 7_zps92378cf1.png

Bathtime is crazy at our house.....Wade read his first book last week...yay for BOB books! (And thank you to Mrs. Monica to loaning us her set!)

 photo 9_zps5da78c86.png

And some random cell pics :)

 photo 2_zps6a7f877f.png

 photo 1_zps9fe580ef.png

And, our most recent family get-a-way to St. Teresa Beach, with the Smith and Garber clans. (6 adults + 7 children under the age of 5) Thank you Drew and Stacey for your generous hospitality...what a wonderful time our entire family had!

 photo 11_zps0d77c951.png

 photo 12_zpsbf826f95.png

 photo 13_zps072d56f7.png

 photo 14_zps55249c7f.png

 photo 16_zps583570a2.png

 photo 10_zps880d9973.png

 photo 17_zps3468c486.png

 photo 15_zps9f57f3d8.png

 photo 18_zps2cb29859.png