Saturday, June 29, 2013

Literally...2 minutes with the Harrell Boys.

They are always busy. I pull in from work and find Todd, cocktail in hand, rocking on the porch, with a huge smile across his face. Watching his boys relish in the joys of summertime. So carefree...

Wade begged to be sprayed in the face...And his brother's took full advantage :)
 photo 1_zps1c9ac79c.png

 photo 2_zps0600e87d.png

 photo 4_zps572a6388.png

Brody decided to find out just what all the fuss was about...
 photo 6_zps73ae4be8.png

And Jack, well, he was into everything, saggy shorts, soggy shoes and all...
 photo 3_zps5a1903a0.png

Poor little guy was attacked by mosquitoes earlier in the week and it seems as though he has quite the allergy. His entire eye swelled up with fluid for a few days and the bites on his legs turned into blisters :( He is on the mend in these pics!
 photo 5_zpsf21fdcfd.png

Life around our home is never dull.
 photo 7_zps4df2cfca.png