Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun day with my big boys!

It is not often that I get to be the one to head out with Brody and Wade, and Todd stay home with Jack. It is in no way on purpose, but it just always happens, that I stay with Jack and Todd takes Wade and Brody. So, last Saturday, me and my almost 5 year olds (sniff, sniff) loaded up in the car for a birthday party and then a pool play date!

From 11a - 1p, we were at Fudpucker's, helping Land Mead celebrate his 4th birthday, super hero style!! The boys wore their Spider-man shirts, capes and masks and thought they were the coolest things ever. Until we were about to walk in the front door of the restaurant, Brody looked up at me and said, "Mom. Are we really going to wear our outfits in here? In public?? Aren't people going to think we are silly??"...This was the first time I have ever witnessed one of my children be conscious of what other people think. I threw my hands up in the air, told him much everyone will love to see him in his get up and ushered them through the door. He never looked back!

Happy 4th birthday Land! Thank you for having us...we had a blast and loved playing superheroes and playing in the arcade!

They actually look like twins, in my opinion, in these pics!!
 photo 2_zps7fcace6c.png

Brody is "double strawing it" with blue, Poweraide and Sprite. His words. Not mine.
 photo 4_zpsb1a9f946.png

Superheroes, UNITE!! (Land, Chloe, Brody, Cooper and Wade)
 photo 3_zps95a62ba8.png

Cooper Davis was cracking me up. He would have struck a pose all day long!
 photo 5_zpsae59a179.png

 photo 1_zps9c09452d.png

Immediately after the birthday party, we headed back over to Cooper and Graysons house, for another afternoon of swimming, snacking, legos and more snacking. Thank you having us Wood Family!!

The boys spent hours, trying to perfect their belly flops and canon balls. Stacey and I had free, endless entertainment!!
 photo 6_zpsdf89e69d.png

 photo 9_zps23084848.png

 photo 8_zpsf2ec45e2.png

 photo 7_zps3a04eaad.png

They had the absolute BEST time!
 photo 10_zps827b54fa.png

 photo 11_zpse40872b3.png

 photo 12_zpsd6e5d467.png

And, a few short videos for good measure.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy 41st birthday Todd!

Happy 41st Birthday Daddyman!! We love you so very much!! I still remember when we first started dating and you were only 30 years old! (The only pics I have from the whole day are VERY, VERY random cell pics.)
 photo il_570xN280446412_zpscfcfdb48.jpg

Yay, cake!!! (Jack and the birthday boy polish off the remnants of the cake)
 photo IMG_20130722_183011_983_zps657973b1.jpg

 photo IMG_20130722_183002_270_zps319c79b5.jpg

Serious about their cake!
 photo IMG_20130722_183009_678_zpsd51ddf28.jpg

 photo IMG_20130722_183011_983_zps657973b1.jpg

And, the brisket that he smoked for 10 hours. He was proud!
 photo DSC_0073_zpsd0a27e4e.jpg

And Brody with a rubber dart stuck to his. He was also proud!
 photo IMG_20130722_200259_498_zpsc49663d3.jpg

And Jack tried on 18 different hats before 9am.
 photo IMG_20130719_064643_zpsb3ce2bae.jpg

And, brought Daddy peaches and a HUGE spork for a birfday snaaaack.
 photo 13_zps1ee2357f.png

And Wade put together 9 of Jack's puzzles in 93 seconds. Sweet boy put his hands on his hips when he was all done, smirked and walked it was no big deal!
 photo 14_zps499e959f.png

Todd is such a simple man...only wanted to be with our little family on his birthday. How did we get so lucky? We won the husband/Daddy lottery!!

Summer Afternoons

Nothing better than a relaxing summer afternoon/evening with good friends! The boys perfected:

Their high and tight back flips (not to be confused with the haircut)...
 photo 1_zps251ea5f5.png

Wade: (Poor guy and his chlorine eyes. He fell asleep in my lap in the middle of dinner!)
 photo 3_zps82acf13e.png

 photo 2_zpsfeb7baba.png

'Aiming' on the grass, pool deck and each other, eating ice, chewing gum, chucking every toy into the pool and diving for pool rockets...
 photo 4_zps6e1ac585.png

These 5...aren't they just the cutest?
 photo DSC_0030_zpsbbef43ef.jpg

 photo DSC_0025_zps72a99a90.jpg

 photo DSC_0023_zpsc5d40684.jpg

Stomping on Mrs. Stacey's sandcastles and fishing with the daddies...
 photo 5_zps0dc43008.png

 photo 7_zps1a154f15.png

 photo 6_zpsbd6ddd0b.png

 photo 8_zps63247ed5.png

Saturday, July 20, 2013


The good ol' slip-n-slide never gets old around the Harrell household. Actually...anything including water will entertain my boys for hours on end :)
 photo 5_zpsb1187baa.png

 photo 4_zps6a772b82.png

Littlest dude can hit too!!
 photo 3_zps613045f9.png

Still sometimes cannot believe we have twins.
 photo 1_zps67061f46.png

2.26 seconds with B-man. Such a ham!!
 photo 2_zps25ee450c.png

Adult Staycation

Thank God for Grandparents. Please...let me repeat....Thank God for Grandparents!!!

While Todd and I spent the weekend enjoying our 'staycation', right here on our own beaches...
 photo 1073755_10152997148070317_1160546593_o_zps5f2ff151.jpg

We dispersed the kiddos and grand-dogs...Jack went to Nana and Gator's:
 photo 12_zpsdfe9a8f6.png

 photo 13_zpsfc4c1fda.png

And Wade, Brody, Buck and Miller all went to Pop's and Donna's!
 photo 11_zps7bf5b64e.png

 photo 8_zpsafb4828a.png

 photo 9_zpsa04dd75a.png

 photo 7_zps2f2396cc.png

 photo 6_zpsc885cb29.png

 photo 10_zps6ee1caea.png

Thank you all so very much! No of the boys wanted to come back home :) We were able to spend time celebrating Todd's birthday, a weekend early, and the kids enjoyed being spoiled and loved!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rainy 4th...and 5th and 6th...and 7th!!

It rained. and rained. and poured. and rained. We were STUCK inside for 3 1/2 days...with barely any let up from the dark skies above. Not fun for little kiddos that have tons of energy. So, we got creative and built forts, went to the movies to see Monster's University, shucked corn, went for drives in the country, watched movies, took baths, cooked and cleaned and threw in some laundry for good measure....

We colored...
 photo ColoronTable_zps8f770c76.png

And snuggled...
 photo IMG_20130705_104407_zps3187897f.jpg

And played with Mommy's phone...
 photo IMG_20130709_142916_zpsb715fea5.jpg

And fell asleep in Mommy's arms...
 photo IMG_20130628_212737_zps8d64a97f.jpg

And built a city out of Lego's...
 photo Legos_zps5cafa82d.png

And swinging, baseball and dinner outside, between the storms...
 photo fouth_zps66952d4a.png

 photo Baseball2_zps8371b060.png

 photo Baseball_zps22ba1f58.png

 photo Baseball3_zps81466c00.png

And traced our bodies with chalk in the muggy garage...
 photo Garage_zps5dfee8eb.png

And drove to the beach and watched people play volleyball in the rain...(everyone was stir crazy at this point!)
 photo Beach_zpsbdf9023e.png

And on the evening of the 4th, right after we put Jack down, the rain actually stopped and we were able to set off backyard fireworks! Brody and Wade loved every second, but were bummed we didn't get to see any fireworks "high in the sky". Next year boys...come hell or high water.
 photo fourth1_zpsf35a345c.png

 photo fourth2_zps35ff8f12.png

 photo fourth3_zps403adff5.png

 photo fourth4_zpsb3a6ba7b.png

 photo fourth5_zps19d793a5.png

This years 4th of July wasn't anything exciting or anything I had pictured in my head...but we were lucky to log many hours together as a family!

God Bless the USA! (Jack saying the Pledge of Allegiance at school)
 photo IMG_20130702_171704_zpse5783629.jpg