Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy 41st birthday Todd!

Happy 41st Birthday Daddyman!! We love you so very much!! I still remember when we first started dating and you were only 30 years old! (The only pics I have from the whole day are VERY, VERY random cell pics.)
 photo il_570xN280446412_zpscfcfdb48.jpg

Yay, cake!!! (Jack and the birthday boy polish off the remnants of the cake)
 photo IMG_20130722_183011_983_zps657973b1.jpg

 photo IMG_20130722_183002_270_zps319c79b5.jpg

Serious about their cake!
 photo IMG_20130722_183009_678_zpsd51ddf28.jpg

 photo IMG_20130722_183011_983_zps657973b1.jpg

And, the brisket that he smoked for 10 hours. He was proud!
 photo DSC_0073_zpsd0a27e4e.jpg

And Brody with a rubber dart stuck to his. He was also proud!
 photo IMG_20130722_200259_498_zpsc49663d3.jpg

And Jack tried on 18 different hats before 9am.
 photo IMG_20130719_064643_zpsb3ce2bae.jpg

And, brought Daddy peaches and a HUGE spork for a birfday snaaaack.
 photo 13_zps1ee2357f.png

And Wade put together 9 of Jack's puzzles in 93 seconds. Sweet boy put his hands on his hips when he was all done, smirked and walked away...like it was no big deal!
 photo 14_zps499e959f.png

Todd is such a simple man...only wanted to be with our little family on his birthday. How did we get so lucky? We won the husband/Daddy lottery!!