Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fun day with my big boys!

It is not often that I get to be the one to head out with Brody and Wade, and Todd stay home with Jack. It is in no way on purpose, but it just always happens, that I stay with Jack and Todd takes Wade and Brody. So, last Saturday, me and my almost 5 year olds (sniff, sniff) loaded up in the car for a birthday party and then a pool play date!

From 11a - 1p, we were at Fudpucker's, helping Land Mead celebrate his 4th birthday, super hero style!! The boys wore their Spider-man shirts, capes and masks and thought they were the coolest things ever. Until we were about to walk in the front door of the restaurant, Brody looked up at me and said, "Mom. Are we really going to wear our outfits in here? In public?? Aren't people going to think we are silly??"...This was the first time I have ever witnessed one of my children be conscious of what other people think. I threw my hands up in the air, told him much everyone will love to see him in his get up and ushered them through the door. He never looked back!

Happy 4th birthday Land! Thank you for having us...we had a blast and loved playing superheroes and playing in the arcade!

They actually look like twins, in my opinion, in these pics!!
 photo 2_zps7fcace6c.png

Brody is "double strawing it" with blue, Poweraide and Sprite. His words. Not mine.
 photo 4_zpsb1a9f946.png

Superheroes, UNITE!! (Land, Chloe, Brody, Cooper and Wade)
 photo 3_zps95a62ba8.png

Cooper Davis was cracking me up. He would have struck a pose all day long!
 photo 5_zpsae59a179.png

 photo 1_zps9c09452d.png

Immediately after the birthday party, we headed back over to Cooper and Graysons house, for another afternoon of swimming, snacking, legos and more snacking. Thank you having us Wood Family!!

The boys spent hours, trying to perfect their belly flops and canon balls. Stacey and I had free, endless entertainment!!
 photo 6_zpsdf89e69d.png

 photo 9_zps23084848.png

 photo 8_zpsf2ec45e2.png

 photo 7_zps3a04eaad.png

They had the absolute BEST time!
 photo 10_zps827b54fa.png

 photo 11_zpse40872b3.png

 photo 12_zpsd6e5d467.png

And, a few short videos for good measure.