Monday, April 8, 2013

Lots of this and that

This weekend, we did lots of this....
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...As well as multiple trips to different parks, a trip to the lake, bike rides and we even broke out the slip-n-slide! The boys also helped us completely clean out the garage, wash the van and with yard work. But, the most anticipated event over the weekend was Brody and Wade's first soccer game! I was expecting to see a bunch of little bodies running around in a "swarm" up and down the field, but we were all pleasantly surprised! (As they are in the Youth league ages 4-6, you could tell who was new and who was returning!) Brody took hold of the ball immediately and kicked it the whole way down the field before I could even get my seat adjusted! Wade probably enjoyed the first 15 minutes of the game, until he realized that he was not going to get a turn to be the goalie...the most coveted position on the team :) Poor guy began to pout and went and sat on the bench for the remainder of the game! Hey little man...this is a lesson that things do not always go your way. I felt bad for him, but at the same time, Todd and I were frustrated because he basically gave up, did not participate in the second half of the game, all because he didn't get what he wanted. I know he is only 4 1/2 and it will take him time to push forward when the going gets tough...but it still broke my heart... On the other hand, Brody loved every single second and never took his eye off of the ball! Coach Phillip, (who wore a tie by the way..."keeping it classy" is his motto....)put B in a spot and the kid blocked almost every ball that came his way. Every time he would block a pass or a goal attempt, he would shoot the thumbs up sign to our little cheering section and we would all do it back to him! He was serious about his 1st soccer game and truly enjoyed it!! I hope that Wade will stick it out next week and that Brody will remain enthusiastic...

Way to go Harrell boys on your very first soccer game! Go team Home Instead Senior Care, who Coach Phillip nicknamed "The Zoo", because they are all a bunch of little animals!! And a thank you to our cheering section, Nana & Gator and Pop's & Donna...the boys were so excited to have you all there :)
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Sweet number 11 and sweet number 10 with Coach Phillip!
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...and, of course, when you do all of that, you also do lots of this....Yes, Wade has his hand in a toy bucket while he sleeps. Dude has to protect his stuff from his brothers, even in his sleep!! hehehe
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