Tuesday, March 19, 2013

One more year

Something was lingering on my mind...I could not put my finger on it...but I was feeling anxious. Like I had made a wrong decision or something. You know the feeling, when your instincts are flailing at you with waving arms, telling you to step back and rethink your recent decisions? Well, I finally figured out what I was feeling anxious about...kindergarten. I was so worried about them starting...their birthday is August 13th...and school starts August 19th. So, that would mean they would make the 5 year old cutoff by a week. Seriously...just one week? Academically, they are ready. Without a doubt in my mind. But socially and emotionally? They still have a ways to go. So, together, Todd and I have decided to keep them in preschool for one more year. The nagging feeling has left me...I know 100% that we have made the right decision for our boys.