Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My big boys

My big boys are growing up too fast. I attended their Kindergarten registration last night, held in their new school cafeteria. I found myself looking all around, imagining the sweet little guys, their first day in here. Will they be scared? Are they really ready? They turn 5 in they are just making the cut-off, but Todd and I feel they are ready to go. I know that they will be ready academically and chronologically, but are they mature enough? It is hard for me to imagine that they will be ready emotionally. They will definitely be placed in separate classes...will they make new friends easily? Will their teachers treat them kindly and with respect? Oh this Momma is already fighting back the tears...we are about to send our little guys into the big bad world! Well...not for another 6 months, technically, but who's counting??

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 photo DSC_0009_zps912b8b08.jpg
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