Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's already November!

Grammie and Pop's came over last weekend and watched the boys for us while we got away for the entire weekend!! Thank you guys so much!! It was a much needed get away and was incredibly wonderful to be able to sleep for 8 hours straight, both of us, both nights in a row!! Brody and Wade continue to amaze us...they are starting to laugh out loud, smiling when they see us, learning to cry when they do not get what they want, holding their heads up without looking like bobble heads, cooing like is so much fun! We are headed to Tallahassee today because Todd has a meeting in the morning and while we are there, I am going to bring the boys and visit my friend Christie who just had twins on October 14 and help her out for the day! That is sure going to be a busy house while we are all there!

Grammie and Pop's with Brody and Wade, starting their weekend adventure on Halloween!

Brody and Wade doing floor time at the office Brody staring at his activity gym toys...he loves them and coo's and smiles like crazy! Wade smiling B-man smiling Wade trying out his Bumbo chair!