Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We are back!

I am NEVER gonna leave my babes for 5 days again!!! Even though they had a blast while we were gone, I missed them TERRIBLY!! Grammie came over Tuesday night and spent 5 days with Brody and Wade! Nana came and helped out one night and Pop's joined her for the weekend! We are so blessed to have such wonderful parents, who love our babies just as much as we do!

Our vacation started off with a night in New Hampshire, visiting the Lyons', The Goldberg's and the Dodge's! We enjoyed yuuummmy steak tips, Oktoberfest beer and gooey cookies! I was such a treat to be able to get together!

She is probably going to kill me, but I had to post a pic of Kelly's belly at 37 1/2 weeks. I mean seriously, isn't it beautiful? She is having her second baby on October 15th and I cannot wait to find out if Gavin will have a new brother or sister!

Big boy Gavin, who I have named G-unit. I fell in love with him and his sweet demeanor...
And check out Sienna and her gorgeous, bright blue, happy eyes!

Boston was a blast!! We were able to experience the start of fall weather, rain during the FSU/BC game, killer seats at Fenway park, visit with old friends and even made some new ones along the way!
You know, the beauty of having youngins', is you get to relive your childhood all over again. You "read" story books for the first time again, and see the moon and stars for the first time, and notice birds and clouds and buses, and you sing and dance and belly laugh...You play games and peek a boo and play chase throughout the house....You find the simple joys in holidays and bath time and leaves falling and dogs barking...it is all, in a sense, NEW AGAIN!
I took Brody to get his 1st haircut yesterday! He was very excited, in the beginning anyway. He walked over to the chair and gave the lady who cut his a hair a big high five and sat up on the booster seat, and then lost it. His little cheeks started to tremble and then the tears came a flowin'. I ended up sitting with him in the chair, and after a lollipop and kisses, he was good to go. He looks like such a big boy!! Wade stayed with Daddy, eehheehhmm, well, because the poor dude is just starting to grow hair! Maybe next time??
Before, good and sweaty: