Sunday, September 27, 2009

Home alone...well, not really...

Well, we survived 5 days without Daddy! It was actually the best times (yet) that I have had with my sweet peas. We played and explored and laughed and ate and danced and ALL of the things that 13 month olds love to do!

Here are a few snippets from our weekend! wasn't me!
You give them thousands worth of toys...

They love the foyer. They run up and down the hallways and all over the house!
It is so nice not to have to carry 2- 28 pound babies up the stairs anymore! (Don't worry, I was RIGHT behind them!)
This is the CORRECT way to sit on a rocker:
This is not...
Neither is this. Wade. Wade. Wade
Bath time is a favorite time of our evening routine:

Can somebody PLEASE make them sit down???? I feel like all we ever say anymore is, "Sit on your bottom"...or, in the words of Todd, "Sit your butt!"
They even like to "read" in the tub!
Here brother, drink the dirty, soapy water!!
Todd and I are headed to Boston Wednesday morning and Grammie and Pop's are the brave souls who will be staying with the boys for 5 days! Miss Margaret will still be with them during the work days, as Grammie will be headed into our office to train a new staff member! Nana is also coming over Wed and Thurs nights to help Grammie out, because Pop's won't be here until Friday night...THANK GOD FOR OUR PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love you guys more than you will ever know!!! Thank you!