Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend in Perdido Key!

We started off our Labor Day weekend getting all packed up and ready to head out of town! These two LOVE to look out windows these days! They love to watch the joggers, the cars, the squirrels, the birds and the wind blowing the leaves! So, Wade decided to get on the window sill...

Brody decided it was the cool thing to do, so he did it too!
Wade "reading" a book. Books are there most favorite toys right now. They grab books and both sit in my lap and say "book, book"...over and over until I read the whole story. Then we repeat the process. I am so happy they love to be read to!
The B-man Hamming it up!
Wade's newest thing is to wag his tongue back and forth and make silly noises!
We headed over to Perdido Key, FL this weekend with 3 other couples(Hipsh's, Laird's and Wesson's) and all of the kiddos! We bid on the condo a couple of months ago at a silent auction, so this has been a trip we have had planned for a while now! I did not take very many pics this weekend...just wanted to enjoy myself and let the camera rest :)
Here is the website to where we stayed!http://www.meyerre.com/house/Mediterranean_at_PK_1002E
It was an incredibly beautiful 3,400 sq, ft. penthouse, located right on the beach with a HUGE wrap around balcony! Talk about beautiful views and tons of room for the kids to run and play!
Wade was obsessed with the coolers...
Wade and Campbell digging around...
Wade checking out the balcony:

Rich and Todd:

Daddy and his boys...Some of the guys watching college football...THANK GOD it's finally back!!
Still watching football...
The 3 little ones taking a blue bath! I have had numerous people ask me how we color the bath...http://www.crayolastore.com/product_detail.asp?T1=CRA+021442
Wade and Brody loving the cold cans on their mouths...

The B
Campbell breaking in the couch and Wade supervising!

The boys on an air mattress...they had so much fun on this thing! The older kids would bounce them up and down and they loved to crawl all over it!

Brody demonstrating how quickly the Harrell's can tear a place apart!
Wade dancing in the hallway!and finally, my favorite shot...Wade in Campbell's sunglasses!