Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walkin' and a Swangin'

As promised, here are pics of Brody walking! He is getting more comfortable on his feet and is close to not crawling at all anymore! Can you believe we are about to have 2 walkers? Oh boy...Poor Wade has been taking lots of tumbles, leaving him with tons of bruises on his little noggin. Sometimes, he is just a walking and walking, and looking everywhere else but where he is going, of course, and CRASH! Thank God we have tough kiddos...

Here is Brody's walking sequence!

Wade hiding from Daddy..."Where's Wade...?"
Nana and I took the boys to the little neighborhood park this afternoon and had a blast!
The crazy peanut in action:

Our sweet, happy boys! I swear, these two LOVE life...
and, the B-man in action:
Brody screamed and cried when it was time to get out of the swing!
Checking out the slides...
...and yes, Wade is wearing a bib. Poor guy drools more and more every day! Darn near soaks his whole shirt!
Blast off!!
And this is what happens when it's time to "go bye bye"...somebody did not want to leave the park!!


Grace said...

Just like their Mom and Dad, they inherited your love of life. IT SHOWS!!! They are just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.