Saturday, August 29, 2009

Struggles of raising twins...

This weekend was like any other, except, Nana and Gator took Wade Friday night! Brody was especially clingy last week, so we felt that it would be good to give him some 1-on-1 time with Mom and Dad. I do not know who was more spoiled...B-man by us or Wade by Nana and Gator! I think it is important to get that special time with each child once in a while...come to think of it, the last time we split them up, was when they were around 4 months old! I actually crave alone time with Brody and Wade, because having twins, means constantly splitting your love and attention...always! The demands of modern life leave barely enough time for our family activities, much less unlimited opportunities to interact one-on-one with each babe. Yet, that exclusive attention is vital to multiples as they develop their individual identities. Hopefully this will teach them to be more patient and less high maintenance in the long run. I guess I will struggle with this until they are married...hahaha

We took Brody with us to our monthly supper club Friday night...

He had fun playing in Campbell's toy room!

Lovable Aiden...
Sassy, Sweet Campbell
Big girl Kristina
Pretty Payton
And here are some pics from Wade's "spend the night" with Nana and Gator: I not supposed to be in here?

Wade and Gus

Wade cuddling with sweet!
He really loves these dog beds!!
Vroom Vroom...already 4 wheelin!!!
And here are some random pics...
The B
Wade, grinning huge and showing off all of his teeth!

Brody "reading"...he calls books "buuts"
Doesn't he just look mischievous??
For some reason, Brody LOVES to sit on the fireplace. He will literally sit on there for hours!
And here are some pics of Wade walking...he is officially walking now and rarely crawls. Brody took 10 steps this weekend, so he is not far behind!!