Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great Grandmother's House!

We decided on a whim to pack up the kiddo's and the doggies and everything that one would need for a weekend away, and headed off to visit with Great Grandmother! She lives in a small town right outside of Jacksonville called Macclenny, about 5 hours from where we live. The trip there was a little chaotic...2 "almost" 1 year olds don't like being strapped in for long car rides! We played tons of peek-a-boo and the boys watched Baby Einstein! They were incredibly cute, pulling the blanket up over their heads and back down...Brody would say "Boooo" when we would say peek-a-boo and Wade giggled. The ride back seemed to fly by and the boys did great! Grammie and Pop's were watching cousin Caden this weekend, while Uncle Scott and Aunt Allie went to Amelia Island for a business they decided to bring Caden over so we could all hang out and visit!

Wade rode with his head rest ON TOP of his head the entire way. Todd and I could not stop laughing!

One of our rest stop area trips...feeding the boys and letting them get out of the car seats for a bit!
Caden had a blast locking Brody in the dog crate...Brody loved it! I still have no clue what the fascination is with the dog crates??
All three boys checking out Great Grandmother's driveway and yard:
Daddy helping Wade learn to walk...he is almost there!All clean from their bath's and in their new monogrammed scrubs from Grammie and Pop's!Caden happens to be the only guilty boy in the pic, but check out the mess that all 3 boys made in Grandmother's family room!!3 little monkey's all ready for dinner! They had pork roast, squash, carrots, mashed potatoes, blueberries and strawberries! We always eat so well while we are in Macclenny!Posing with our "Great"! We love her so much! Caden is sitting in Grandmother's rocking chair that was her rocking chair when she was a little girl! The boys loved to rock...looks like we need to invest in a mini rocker!

We go to their 1st birthday appointment at Dr. Keefe's office this Thursday. They will be getting shots on their actual birthday! :( Booooo. We are getting excited for their party this Saturday! I also wanted to mention that the first cupcake we tried with the boys had white frosting, so we decided to try the chocolate the second time to see if maybe they just didn't like white cake...I received so many emails suggesting to try white I just wanted to let everybody know that they just do not like cake...yet! There is hope!!! Right? Their little "smash" cakes for their actual birthday are white cake with butter cream frosting!