Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sittin', Standing and Eating like big boys...well almost!

Big changes going on here in Shalimar people! The boys are starting to eat real food, some baby food and even a bite or two of Nana's sweet potato. They are able to "sit" up if we prop them correctly and will not stay on their tummies for a long time without flipping over. They love to stand on their strong legs and bounce like crazy in our laps. Wade is still sleeping 11-12 hours a night, while Brody continues to wake up 2 times a night...uugghh. We are going to try the cry it out method, starting tonight. I am going to set up the pack-n-play (portable crib) in the spare room so that he won't wake up Wade and when he wakes up, go in and pat him every 5-10 minutes until he falls asleep on his own. He has just gotten in the habit of waking up for a bottle...and we have to try hard to break it!! I will keep you all posted as to how this cry it out method works...wish me luck!!

Here are some cute pic of the boys last night. Nana and Gator came over to celebrate Gator's 55th birthday. Happy Birthday Gator!!Brody "sitting" up Wade "sitting" up
B-man "standing"Wade "standing" up and marching at the same timeBrodyWadeBrody trying the sippy cup with water for the first time!Wade LOVING real sweet potatoes off of Nana's finger. He would pull her hand to him every time she put more on her finger. When we tried to use the spoon, his little tongue would push it out. Still have to work on keeping the food inside of the mouth!