Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Almost 5 months old!

Brody and Wade will be 5 months old next Tuesday, Jan. 13th...already!! Everybody told us to cherish every moment, because time flies, and now I am really realizing it! They are such individuals(Thank God) and their personalities are shining through more and more daily.

Wade aka crazy peanut: He has a "screamy" cry that will pierce your ears and make you stop whatever you are doing to make it stop. It started about 2 weeks before Christmas and he has perfected it! He is very smart and Ms. Margaret calls him the Professor because he studies things. He is serious but will crack up easily! He is very ticklish and his grin will melt your heart. He is also very strong and loves to stand all of the time. Not only a sweetheart, but a cuddler as well! He is our champion sleeper and has started rolling over like crazy. I find him in a different positions every morning when he wakes up. He loves to eat cereal and although he accidentally still pushes out the majority of the food I put in his mouth, he would eat a steak if he could!! We think he is starting to teethe...chewing on everything, drooling, extra fussy...maybe a tooth will pop through those gums soon!Brody aka B-man: He is quite laid back and very sweet natured. His smile covers his entire face and he LOVES the Jumperoo. He has started squealing with delight when he is happy and it sounds like he is screaming...He still likes to see Mommy in the middle of the night and wakes up between Midnight and 1a to chug 6 ounces of milk and go right back to sleep. He gets overstimulated if he is in a loud environment with strangers(we found this out at Pop's 60th b-day party) and can entertain him self pretty well. He gets frustrated easily when he cannot reach a toy or pick one up. His newest thing is really focusing on toys and once he has it in his hand, gripping it and not letting it go! Cereal is not his favorite thing and he gives me the clamped mouth whenever I try to feed him...or he gags and chokes himself. He still "sings" himself to sleep every night and will not fall asleep without a finger in his mouth. Some cute brother pics-with all of our shirts that talk with out saying a word...

Our Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesies, Wade smiling
Picture #2, now Brody smiling. VERY hard to get them smiling at the same time!You see, only Wade is smiling...ahhhh, life with two babies!Mommy and crazy peanut...he looked like he was flexing, so I did it too.Wade in the Jumperoo and B-man in our new Baby Einstein Activity Center. (Thank you Ganty Lowie, Uncle Tom and cousin Jon, they sent us 2 for Christmas!)THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!! They have really discovered each other and crack up laughing whenever we have them facing!I just had to post this pic of Miller, one of our other "sons". We came home one night and found that he had a little bit of fun with the inside of his doggie bed. Oopps. Bad puppy.


mommy mccurley said...

sooo cute! i love the black and white photo of the boys at the top of the page...and the one of the whole family! ...and i love how your pjs matched! :)