Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World...we have been around for 5 months already!!

The boys turned 5 months old yesterday and here are some recent pictures! Everybody says that they are the worlds most smiley babies...we are so lucky!

(Trust me, all they do is smile, but my darn camera never catches it in time. It literally takes 5 seconds to snap the pic. Pfftt. Maybe Todd will read this and buy me the camera that I have been wanting! haha)

Dude, get out of the picture...can't a guy hog the camera once in a while?

My two sweet peas looking all grown up and handsome as ever!

Cereal time= Messy x 2Whitney, Amanda and our little friend Aiden watching the Gators take another National Championship! B-man:

"Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!"That cute smile gets me every time...Doesn't he look so tiny on the couch in his room? Wade:

"What is that silver thing you are always pointing at my face, that flashes a bright light and you are always trying to get me to smile? You can't fool me!"What a little angel... "Come on Mom, take the pic already!!"